Laajis' comprehensive list of activities has something for everyone: meeting packages, refreshment days, saunas, dining, activities and season passes. Get familiar with our group activities, get in touch with us and let's tailor a day for you in Laajis. 

Refreshment Days
Christmas Parties
Vuorilampi Smoke Sauna
Season Passes
Customer days and events

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Very close to the city center you can find Laajis' multiple different spaces and packages for meetings. We can also tailor for you your own day for a meeting with activities.

Jani Sallinen, tel. 044 7276919 or e-mail:
Lasse Niivuori, tel. 045 350 6888 or e-mail:
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Versatile meeting spaces

Laajis' offers various spaces for meetings right next to the city center. In the Kabinet, Pommari and Restaurant you have big televisions to be used a screen. Also, if needed, there are projectors with their screens. The smoke sauna and the lean-to do not have these equipment.

Kabinet is a traditonal meeting space that has space for approximately 25 persons. Table and seating arrangements can be changed. Coffee serving can be also arranged. 

Pommari is a space located downstairs that has room for approximately 25 persons. There is a longer single table-solution (diplomat). Multiple smaller tables can be arranged if needed. Coffee serving can also be arranged.

The restaurant has space for over 100 persons to have meetings or other occasions. The space can be booked mainly when the restaurant isn't open for public use (ask for more information).

Snowland lean-to
The lean-to located in Snowland is for smaller groups for not so formal occasions. The lean-to doesn't have any AV-equipment. A wilderness themed coffee serving can be arranged.

Smoke Sauna
Smoke sauna fits well for easy going meetings and gatherings. The sauna cottage seats approximately 10 persons around a table. The smoke sauna doesn't have any AV-equipment. Coffee serving/dining can be arranged.

kabinetti kokoustila laajis laajavuori jyväskylä
kokouspaketti kattaus palvelut laajis

Meeting packages

Laajis offers versatile meeting packages. Below you can find examples of ready packages for a successful meeting. We tailor a day with activities that fulfills your needs and wishes. 

Includes a space for an hour, coffees and a salty/sweet pastry.

Includes a space for three hours, coffees, a salty/sweet pastry and a lunch from our lunch line.

Includes a space for the whole day as it fits the restaurants time schedule, morning coffees with a salty/sweet pastry, a lunch from our lunch line and day coffees with a sweet pastry.

Dining and Menus

Laajis' own kitchen offers various menus for meetings and occasions. The menus of the kitchen are designed for for groups with different kinds of occasions in mind. Different kinds of menus can be tailored. Remember to let us know about your allergies and diets when making a reservation.

Start your meeting with a breakfast. Laajis' tasty breakfast gives energy to the day and offers a peaceful morning together with the group to start the day.

Meeting Menus
Smaller dishes and refreshing options for meetings and occasions. The menu can be as simple as just coffee/tea and a salty/sweet pastry. Also available are refreshing drinks and fruit plates.

You can pick from our lunch buffet menu a tasty option for the group. There are tasty menus for dinners and for evenings at the sauna also. 

urban kitchen ravintola laajis laajavuori jyväskylä
efatbike pyörävuokraus laajis laajavuori jyväskylä

Activities along with the meeting

Activities and excitement can be attached to a meeting day, for example a break workout or a larger activity. We have exciting activities to offer throughout the year for both, smaller and larger groups. Get familiar with our activities here.

We can create a sporty event that fits you with the personal trainers of Kipinä Studio, the ski school teachers, the adventure park operatives and the partners of ours. Ask more and let's organize a successful meeting day in Laajis.


Everyone needs a break from the everyday schedule from time to time. Laajis has great settings for both summer and winter refreshment days! You can choose different kinds of activities, guidance or a lecture, and afterwards you can enjoy a tasty dinner in our restaurant. The rest of the goes nicely at the Vuorilampi Smoke sauna where a tub is waiting for you.

Tailor for you and your group a versatile and mood lifting refreshment day!

Jani Sallinen, tel. 044 7276919 or e-mail:
Lasse Niivuori, tel. 045 350 6888 or e-mail:
Sales, tel. 0400 114157 or e-mail:

A brake from the everyday schedule

Laajavuori ski center and the Adventure park bring fun activities and wellness to the refreshment day. Also Kipinä Studio specializes in single, group and company training. Kipinä offers quality personal training and professional massaging and physiotherapy. Also the award winning ski school of Laajis brings new dimensions to skiing and snowboarding! 

Activities are available on your own or with a guide. Laajis offers different kinds of guide safaris and trips, Olympic games, body measurements and testing, guided biking, disc golf (on your own or with a guide), kettlebell workouts, snowshoe-safaris, skiing, slope happenings with different kinds of checkpoints and a lot more. You can rent e-Fatbikes, discs, and equipment for snowboarding, downhill skiing and cross country skiing. The activities of the day can be tailored to match your wishes. 

efatbike pyörävuokraus laajis laajavuori jyväskylä
urban kitchen ravintola laajis laajavuori jyväskylä

Additional services for refreshment days

Along with the activities can be attached different kinds of dining and evening options. For example, the day can started with a shared breakfast and after that begin the activities. The versatile options for dinners and lunches give a nice touch to the refreshment day. The lean-tos of the back slope and the Snowland are great to take a break and roast sausages in the warmth of the fireplace.

Virkistyspäivän kruunaa illanvietto esimerkiksi Vuorilammen savusaunalla ja paljussa. Savusaunan tupakeittiöön on mahdollista saada myös kevyempää saunaevästä. Savusaunalta on alle 10 minuutin matka keskustaan esimerkiksi taksilla, joten halutessaan iltaa voi jatkaa kaupungin riennoissa. Ota meihin yhteyttä, niin kehitellään juuri teidän ryhmällenne sopiva virkistyspäivä!

Vuorilampi smoke sauna has a tub and it is a great way to end the day. The cottage in the smoke sauna has a kitchen where you can have a lighter snack. The smoke sauna is only 10 minutes away from the city center when travelling with a car so the evening can easily continue in the nightlife. Get in touch with us and let's tailor a refreshment day just for you!


Christmas parties are a tradition which planning should be started early. Christmas parties in Laajis are adaptable for both young and older people. The party schedule can be tailored to match your wishes so be in contact with us and ask for an offer!

Jani Sallinen, tel. 044 7276919 or e-mail:
Lasse Niivuori, tel. 045 350 6888 or e-mail:
Sales, tel. 0400 114157 or e-mail:

Unforgettable Christmas parties in Laajis

In Laajis it is possible to organize magnificent Christmas parties with your own group. We offer spaces also for larger groups, because the restaurant is available to be booked for private usage. The restaurant has space for over 100 persons to be seated, to dine, to drink and to enjoy the Christmas party atmosphere. 

Our renewed Christmas menus and the enjoyable additional activities guarantee a successful evening. The packages are tailored to match your wishes. The schedule of the evening can also include toasts, dining, karaoke, music, stand-up shows and of course we will be serving you for the whole evening. The Christmas parties can be attached with other activities, for example with Vuorilampi smoke sauna and accommodation. 

laajis pikkujoulu kattaus ravintola
hiihtokeskus laajis laajavuori jyväskylä

Additional services for Christmas parties

Sauna and dining can be attached with different kinds of action and activities. Or you can just relax at the smoke sauna with your group. 

In Laajavuori you get to move and to build team spirit with different kinds of guided safaris (nature trail, snowshoeing and e-Fatbikes), adveture park, disc golf courses, personal training at the Kipinä studio or with other activities that we offer. 

After a day outdoors the Vuorilampi smoke sauna will relax you and the groups gets to a nice mood and to enjoy tasty Christmas foods. Along with the smoke sauna you can have a 8 person tub that will crown the night! 

Ask more about the activities and about the additional services.


At the shore of Vuorilampi you find an authentic smoke sauna that we rent for private occasions. Along with sauna you can have various activities and dining. Get familiar with the smoke sauna and with additional services below.

Jani Sallinen, tel. 044 7276919 or e-mail:
Lasse Niivuori, tel. 045 350 6888 or e-mail:
Sales, tel. 0400 114157 or e-mail:

Vuorilampi smoke sauna

Smoke sauna right ext to the city center!

Vuorilampi smoke sauna in Laajavuori has space for 15 people to dine and to spend and evening. Larger groups can be fitted when using the restaurant services for dining. 

Also a tub of 8 persons can be rented to crown the steams of the sauna. The water of Vuorilampi might be quite chill in autumn and during the spring so the tub provides a nice warm touch to the occasion. The tub is heated by gas and it is rented for other occasions too. The tub is cleaned and the waters are changed after every use. 

savusauna vuorilampi laajis laajavuori jyväskylä
laajis pikkujoulu kattaus ravintola

Dining and other services along with the sauna

Voimme valmistaa saunomisen yhteyteen monenlaisia tarjoiluita. Savusaunalla on A-oikeudet ja sieltä löydätte runsaan valikoiman juomia. Räätälöimme myös halutessanne savusaunalle muita teille sopivia ruokia ja tarjoamisia. Menujen laskutus minimissään 10 hengelle

We can prepare different kinds of servings to go with the sauna. The sauna has rights to sell alcohol and it has a wide selection of drinks to offer. If wanted, we tailor other drinks and foods for you. The billing of the menus are 10 persons minimum.

Other services
Other action and activities can be attached with the sauna and dining. The adventure park is available even during rain since the trees protect from the rain. Kipinä Studio and the professional trainers are a great way to exercise and spend a refreshment day.

Welcome to have an eventful day in Laajavuori and at the Vuorilampi smoke sauna!


The kitchen of Laajis cooks delicious meals from the menus build for groups. These meals are suitable for various occasions, no matter if it a lunch, an evening at the sauna or an evening occasion.

Jani Sallinen, tel. 044 7276919 or e-mail:
Lasse Niivuori, tel. 045 350 6888 or e-mail:
Myynti, tel. 0400 114157 or e-mail:

Dining in Laajis

The kitchen of Laajis offers various menus and you can pick the one that fits your occasion. Instead of the traditional buffet we offer separate saunamenus, thememenus and a wilderness dining fitting menu. The menus are in Finnish.

Two different menus to pick from.

Savusaunamenu #1

Savusaunamenusta valitaan yksi ruokalaji koko ryhmälle:

- Possun ribsit sekä chipotle-majoneesia,Coleslaw -salaatti ja leipää

- Makkaralajitelma, peruna- ja vihersalaatti sekä leipää

- Lihapullat, kermakastike ja muusi sekä suolakurkku- ja punajuuriviipaleet, vihersalaatti ja leipää

- Broilerin nuijat ja valkosipuli- ja remouladedippiä, vihannesvati (kurkku, porkkana, kukkakaali)

- Kiusaus, vihersalaatti sekä leipää
* Poro / lohi
* Jansson / kinkku / juustokasvis

Erikoisruokavaliot ilmoitettava tilauksen yhteydessä. Minimilaskutus 10 hlöä.

Savusaunamenu #2

Savusaunamenusta valitaan yksi ruokalaji / kategoria koko ryhmälle:

Alkupalat ja pieneen nälkään
- Täytetty bataatti (puolikas bataatti, talon nyhtönaudalla)
- Kylmäsavulohta ja kurkku-fenkolisalaattia, limeaiolia
- Broileri snacks, limeaiolia (4 x 35g paneroitu sisäfilee)
- Talon tomaattikeitto (nyhtönaudalla)

- Possunfilee kasvispedillä (fenkoli, punasipuli, vihreät pavut, rucola)ja talon perunat
- Vuohenjuustobroileria paholaisen hillolla, talon perunat, kauden kasviksia (kesäkurpitsa, paprika, punasipuli), limeaiolia
- Talon lohta smetanakastikkeessa, talon perunat, kauden kasviksia
- Makkaralajitelma (Bratwurst, välimerenmakkara/chorizo, tavallinen ja juustomakkara), coleslaw, suolakurkkuja

Vihersalaatti, kastike ja talon leipä levitteellä kuuluu aina pääruokien hintaan.

- Juustotarjotin
- Juustokakku
- Daimkakku
- Marjarahka

Kahvi/tee sisältyy jälkiruoan hintaan.

Erikoisruokavaliot ilmoitettava tilauksen yhteydessä. Minimilaskutus 10 hlöä.


Tex-mex buffet

Meksikon teemamenu sisältää:

- Alkumalja: Sol-olut
- Tortillalettuja (myös gluteenittomat)
- Kana-, jauheliha- ja vegetäytteet (paprika/papu/sipulipaistos)
- Wingsit
- Guacamolea, queso-juustokastiketta, nachoja, salsaa, jalapenoja, amerikansalaattia
- Kahvi ja leivot

Erikoisruokavaliot ilmoitettava tilauksen yhteydessä. Minimilaskutus 10 hlöä.

Tapas buffet

Espanjalainen teemamenu sisältää:

- Alkumalja: Sangria
- Serranokinkkua, tapenade-leipiä, marinoituja oliiveja, marinoituja sieniä
- Paella mixta: simpukoita, makkaraa ja kanaa
- Vegepaella
- Espanjalaista makkaraa
- Manchego-juustoa, viikunahilloa ja keksejä

Erikoisruokavaliot ilmoitettava tilauksen yhteydessä. Minimilaskutus 10 hlöä.

Italian buffet

Italialainen teemamenu sisältää:

- Alkumalja: Prosecco
- Antipasti: marinoituja oliiveja, aurinkokuivattua tomaattia, bruschettaa, ilmakuivattua kinkkua, marinoituja katkarapuja, marinoituja sieniä
- Palapizzat
- Lasagne
- Munakoisovuoka
- Tiramisu-levykakku
- Lavazza-kahvi

Erikoisruokavaliot ilmoitettava tilauksen yhteydessä. Minimilaskutus 10 hlöä.

urban kitchen ravintola laajis laajavuori jyväskylä
lumimaa laavu laajavuori eräretket eräruokailu

Wilderness dining

Order a dining experience to be enjoyed at the lean-to! Laajis' own wilderness chef prepares the food using a campfire. Wilderness dining goes great with a guided experience (nature trail, snowshoeing and e-Fatbike). Get familiar with the wilderness menus below.

Wilderness menus

Laajis Field Lunch

Laajis Field Lunch -menu:
* Soup
* Bread and spreadings
* Drinks(Water, Juice)
* Campfire coffee / tee and sweet snack

You can choose one of following soups per order:
- Seasonal Mushroom soup (chefs recommendation)
- Creamy salmon soup
- Moose soup
- Vegetable soup

Special dietary requirements must be informed in order. Minimum order is 10 persons.

Laajis Terrain dining

Laajis Terrain dining -menu:
* Green salad, traditional Finnish bread(rieska) nad spreadings
* Fried vendace / fried salmon(depending on season)
* Mashed potatoes
* Dill - Garlic sauceTilli-valkosipulikastike
* Drinks(water, juice)
* Campfire coffee/ tee
* Berry pastry (with seasonal berries)

Special dietary requirements must be informed in order. Minimum order is 10 persons.

Laajis Wilderness dining

Laajis Wilderness dinig -menu:
* Creamy mushroom soup (depending mushroom season), Lapland rieska(traditional finnish bread) and spreadings
* Sautéed reindeer cooked with bacon and dark beer
* Mashed potatoes cooked with sea salt and butter
* Cranberries
* Pickels
* Drinks (water, juice)
* Campfire coffee /tee
* Lapland's squeaky cheese and varnish jam

Special dietary requirements must be informed in order. Minimum order is 10 persons.

Laajis hut coffee experience

Laajis Laavukahvitus -menu:
* Campfire coffee/ tee/ hot chocolate
* Pie/thin pancake/ bun

One optional following pie/thin pancake/ bun per oder:
- Berry pie(seasonal berries) with vanilla sauce
- Thin pancakes made by campfire, jam, whipped cream
- Stick buns(customers can participate)

Conditions for the dining experience
Minimum order is for 10 persons. Over 20 persons dinning experience will happen as catering. The price of the service includes the foods and drinks and the services of the chef on the site. The dining experience is prepared from order, and the chef prepares it in the wilderness. A tailored menu if ordered and agreed with. Depending on the weather, the cooking happens at the hut. 


Laajavuori has great possibilities for accommodation only 4 kilometers from the city center. The hostel and the caravan area are cheap options to stay in Jyväskylä no matter if you were here for refreshment, business or on a road trip with your team. The hostel and the caravan area are popular choices with outdoorsy people and with business people who appreciate the possibilities to move in nature right from the front door of the hostel. It is possible to get accommodation in Laajis even if the reception is closed, if we still have rooms available.

Reception, tel. 0207 436 436 or e-mail:
Sales, tel. 0400 114 157 or e-mail:

Outdoor Hostel Laajis

Outdoor Hostel Laajis offers accommodation also for bigger groups. Our Hostel has 29 rooms (2-4 person rooms) and a total of 79 beds spaces. The showers and toilets are located in the hallway, men and women both have their own. Every room has running water and a sink. These remodeled and comfortable rooms include also their own fridges and televisions. Every Outdoor Hostel guest has the right to use the sauna, the laundry room, common kitchen and the lounge area. The common kitchen has a wide selection of dishes, capsule coffee maker and a large fridge. There are plenty of parking spaces for our customers (parking disc or a parking permit from the reception) and a free Wi-Fi-connection.

The Hostel breakfast includes to the price of the room unless it has been mentioned specifically. The breakfast is located at the restaurant from 6.30 am to 10 am and on holidays/weekends from 8 am to 10 am. Get familiar with our hostel

In case your company has accommodation needs, be in contact with us and let's make you an offer for accommodation (also longer contracts). 

hostelli laajis laajavuori jyväskylä majoitus
caravan laajis laajavuori jyväskylä

Urban Caravan

Laajavuoren leirintäalue, Laajis Urban Caravan, sijaitsee vain 4km Jyväskylän keskustasta helppojen yhteyksien päässä. Caravan-alueeltamme löytyy yli 80 vaunupaikkaa, jokainen omalla sähköpistokkeella, rajoitetusti telttapaikkoja ja viihtyisät suihku- ja saunatilat sekä yhteiskeittiö oleskelutiloineen. Lisäksi alueella on kattavat oheispalvelut aamupalasta kylpylähotelliin ja lukuisiin aktiviteetteihin. Laajiksen hostellin tiloista löytyy pyykkitupa myös karavaanareiden käyttöön. Tutustu tarkemmin caravan-alueeseemme.

Caravan-alueelle löytyy vuorokausiyöpymisten lisäksi mahdollisuus erilaisiin kausipaikkoihin, jotka soveltuvat myös työmatkalaisille. Pyydä siis tarjous!

Laajavuori camping area, Laajis Urban Caravan, is located only 4 kilometers from the Jyväskylä city center with good transportation nearby. Our Caravan area has over 80 spaces for trailers of which all of them have their own outlets, limited tent places, comfortable shower and sauna space and a common kitchen with a lounge area. The area has also comprehensive additional services from breakfast to spa and many other activities. The laundry room of the Hostel is available also for Caravan people. Get familiar with our caravan area

Our Caravan area has also seasonal spaces that are suitable for business visitors also. Ask for an offer!


Laajis is paradise for an active person. Many things to do throughout the year, on your own or with a  guide.

Jani Sallinen, tel. 044 7276919 or e-mail:
Lasse Niivuori, tel. 045 350 6888 or e-mail:
Sales, tel. 0400 114157 or e-mail:


Activities throughout the year.

During winter you can for example
* Ski or snowboard on the slopes
* Improve your skills with our ski school teachers
* Cross country ski on over 60 kilometers long ski trail
* Snowshoe in the snowy terrain of Laajavuori (guided safari also available)

Laajavuori has lots of life and action during summer
* Adventure Park has over 2,5 kilometers to climb
* Downhill biking in the Bikepark, downhill scooters are also available
* Electrical scooters for a lighter ride on asphalt.
* Disc Golf (Guiding also available)

Throughout the year activities:
* e-Fatbike (also guided safaris)
* Nature trail trips and lunches at a lean-to
* Personal training at Kipinä Studio

kausikortti laajis laajavuori jyväskylä
talvipyöräily efatbike laajis laajavuori jyväskylä

Guided experiences

Laajis offers various guided experiences. Our professional guides help you to get more out of the activities and the step to participate is a lot smaller. Below you can find listed the current guided experiences that Laajis offers. Ask also for an offer for dining and other tailored packages!

* Basics of downhill biking
* Disc Golf
* Snowshoe Disc Golf
* Body wellness and stretching
* Olympic games
* e-Fatbike safari
* Nature trail and lean-to
* Themed trip to nature
* Snowshoe safari


Season passes called Firm pass and SuperFirm pass are for companies and organisations. These passes allow any defined group member to use the services specified in the card. 

Jani Sallinen, tel. 044 7276919 or e-mail:
Lasse Niivuori, tel. 045 350 6888 or e-mail:
Sales, tel. 0400 114157 or e-mail:

Firm Season Pass

Laajis Firm season pass is valid for the witner season. Summer season has its own pass coming (for Bikepark for example). Ask for more information!

With this pass any named member of your company can ski in slopes of Laajis (staff, clients, etc.). This means that the firm season pass is not personal. One person at a time can use the card, so we recommend you get more than one card. This way more people can use the services simultaneously. Equipment are not included in the pass. 

Price of the Firm Season Pass:
First card is 900€, next cards are 700€ a card. 

The company can hold the card and pass it to the users themselves. They can also leave it ticket counter of Laajis and inform Laajis about who has the rights to use the season pass.

hiihtokeskus laajis laajavuori jyväskylä
seikkailupuisto laajis laajavuori jyväskylä

SuperFirm Season Pass

The SuperFirm Season Pass is a completely new invention in the world of ski centers. With the card any defined person of the company gets to use the outdoor activities throughout the year.

The activities include skiing, downhill biking, adventure park (during weekdays) and disc golf. The pass also includes rental equipment for the slopes (skis or snowboard in winter, downhill scooter in summer) and for disc golf (rental discs). Naturally the safety equipment are included for the adventure park. Below are more accurate info and conditions.

Price of the SuperFirm Season Pass:
159€ / month

The contract for the pass is for 12 months and it is billed in one payment. 

One person at a time can use the card so consider getting multiple cards. The services are often enjoyed in groups, with family or friends. This is great way to offer experiences to your customers or to important people of your company. 

SuperFirm Season Pass includes:
- Winter season at the ski center
* Use of the slopes, lifts and Snowland
* Ski equipment rental

- Summer season at the Adventure Park
* Use of the Adventure Park
* Guidance and needed equipment are always included

- Summer season at the Bikepark
* Use of the Bikepark trails and lifts
* Rent of the Downhill scooter
* 20% off when renting downhill bikes and safety equipment

- Disc Golf
* Use of the Disc Golf courses
* Rental discs

- Other benefits
* 20% off when renting e-Fatbikes
* Spa Scandic Laajavuori: two for the price of one, more affordable for free


Laajavuori has great settings to organize customer days and events. Whether it was about winters slope fest or about summers adventure day, get in touch with us and let's make a day for you! 

Jani Sallinen, tel. 044 7276919 or e-mail:
Lasse Niivuori, tel. 045 350 6888 or e-mail:
Sales, tel. 0400 114157 or e-mail:

Customer days and events

In Laajis we have multiple opportunities to organize a day or an event for the customers of your company or for another people of your choosing. For example, these events can make use of the slopes or the ski school during winter, and of the Adventure park and many other activities during summer.

Also other events are able to be made happen when agreed on. For example the summer theatre is available to rented for events. The theatre has seats for 700 people. 

Get in touch with us and let's make a day that matches your wishes!

snowpark laajis laajavuori jyväskylä


Various opportunities on advertising and cooperation!

Jani Sallinen, tel. 044 7276919 or e-mail:
Lasse Niivuori, tel. 045 350 6888 or e-mail:
Sales, tel. 0400 114157 or e-mail:

Advertising and cooperation

Various opportunities when considering advertising and cooperation that can be tailored to match the needs of your company. Whether it is about simple advertising or about wider cooperation, get in touch with us and let's tailor a package that fulfills your needs.

valonseikkailu laajis seikkailupuisto laajavuori