Vuorilampi smoke sauna

Vuorilampi is a part of larger recreational area of Laajavuori and has authentic smoke sauna and log cabin on the side. The smoke sauna is fitting for meetings, company parties, entertainment and recreation. Groups of up to 15 people are able to fit in the sauna, enjoy dinner and spend evening at the smoke sauna and cabin. Even bigger groups are also welcome as long as the smoke sauna can be used in rotation with other services at Laajis' restaurant.

Hot tub

The water in Vuorilampi can sometimes be a bit chilly. We can rent and deliver a heated bath tub at the smoke sauna by request. It's very relaxing to sit in the tub in between sauna. The tub fits 8 persons and is gas-heated. The tub is rented for 150€.

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We can prepare various different types of servings to add to your stay. We are able to tailor other foods and drinks according to your wishes. Smoke sauna and cabin are areas with alcohol serving and will have broad variety of drinks ready for you.

Other services

In addition to bathing in sauna and dining you can join other group activities. Climbing at Adventure park is fun even on rainy days with trees covering the courses in the forest. The personal trainers at Kipinä Studio Laajavuori can tailor you some great physical activities for a company recreational day.

You're welcome to spend an eventful day at Laajavuori and Vuorilampi smoke sauna.

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savusauna vuorilampi laajis laajavuori jyväskylä

Reservations and additional information

Sauna menus are charged minimum of 10 people. There are no time limits on the smoke sauna.

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