Laajis Super season pass for companies is a completely new product in the ski resort world. With this pass anyone from your company can use the outdoor activities throughout the year.

Pass includes skiing, downhill skating, cycling routes, adventure park (weekdays) and disc golf. The right for equipment rental (skis or a board in winter, downhill scooter in summer) and disc golf (rented discs) is also included.
Check for more info below.

Price for super season pass for companies:

159€ / month

We make a 12 month fixed-term contract wich has to be paid in one time.

Only one person at the time can use the card so getting few cards can be handy. Our outdoor experiences are often enjoyed with family or friends. This is also a great way to offer new experiences for your customers..

Below more info on what the pass includes.

hiihtokeskus laajis laajavuori


In the winter the super season pass for companies entitles:

* Ski lifts, slopes and Snowland
* Booking ski equipment
* Downhill skating (must have your own equipment)

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In the summer the super season pass for companies entitles:

* Using adventure park
* Adventure park always includes guidance and needed safety equipment.

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In the summer the super season pass for companies entitles:

* Using bikepark trails and lifts
* Renting a downhill scooter

* 20% off from downhill bike rental price

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Super season pass for companies entitles:

* Using the disc golf courses
* Rented discs

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* 20% discount from Laajis e-fatbikes
* Spa Scandic Laajavuori: two for the price of one to spa, cheaper for free


Using the company pass is not personal. Staff members or members of community and whoever you deside to give the right to use the pass are entitled to use the company pass. It is forbidden to sell the pass on. In the super season pass there is 10% value added tax included.

Please contact us about Super season passes for companies.
Laajis Oy / Lipunmyynti
Jani Sallinen
p. +358 44 7276919