Welcome to spend World Snow Day in Laajis!
On previous years there has been a lot of co-operation with local clubs and unions. On World Snow Day 2020 we keep having fun with several different outdoor activities.

There are plenty of different snow related activities and programs in Laajis area and especially in Snowland that the whole family can take part in. Who knows, maybe the Jeti-mascot shows up that day to say hello to the most brave skiers! There will be programs for all ages.

Come have a joyful winter day! 

Offer for Season Pass Owners - a friend to the slopes for half price!

What would be a better way to spend a Sunday than taking your friend with you to ski. On Sunday January 19th a friend of a Laajis Season Pass owner gets a ticket for half price! The offer can not be connected to other offers and it can be reclaimed only on January 19th from the register in Laajis. An active Season Pass to Laajis has to be shown on the register. Equipment rental is priced normally.

hiihtokeskus laajis laajavuori jyväskylä

Fun for the whole family!

During the day there are a lot of fun activities and programs for both children and adults. The activities act as checkpoints for the activity pass and there will be fun surprises for those who complete the pass!

Official site of the event are found here: World Snow Day

PS. During the winter kids under the age of six with helmets ski for free in Laajavuori.

Schedule for the event

* Snowland Lean-to (at 12-16)
Snowland lean-to serves the customers on World Snow Day! There are offered authentic coffee pots made coffee and campfire baked pancakes. The Snowland lean-to is located right next to the front slope. Come relax for a minute and enjoy a little experience! The prices can be found here.

* Snowy nature trip for kids (starts at 11am and at 13pm from the Snowland lean-to)
A guided snowy trip for kids only offers a pleasant experience in the nature of Laajauori. With a real wilderness guide the kids get to do the winter hedgehog-trail and to get familiar with its nature themed challenges. 
Doesn't require a notice beforehand, the starts are at 11 and at 13 from the Sowland Lean-to. The trip is included in the Snowland day-ticket and in the sledding hill-ticket.

* Jeti's sled-race
Who is the fastest one in the sled hill? The traditional race of Jeti is a race against time to see who can get down the hill the fastest.  There are sleds etc. in the Slowland storage for the race. More accurate times for the race will be announced later. The event requires a ticket to the sled hill or the Snowland day-ticket.

* Ski school sessions (at 12-13)
Traditional casual sessions are organised in Snowland where you can get tips and guidance on skiing and snowboarding. The professional instructors of the ski school give advice and guide everyone regardless of what age or how skilled skier you are. Sessions are organised at 12-13. A Snowland day-ticket or a ski pass is required.

* Jeti's accuracy throw
How accurate is your throwing arm? Come compete in the accuracy throw at the Snowland Jaffa-board and challenge a friend or the Jeti and see who has the best aim! The accuracy throw is available independently all day but if you want to you can challenge the Jeti, the Snowland supervisor or a friend at any time.

* Miljoonasade (acoustic) @ Dome (at 13)
Miljoonasade throws an acoustic concert at the slope café Dome. Come experience the great atmosphere on top of the slope and enjoy the great view! The concert requires a ski pass (hourly- or a day-pass) or a season pass. Dome can not be get in to by a car.

* Kids on Board -class (at 13-14)
Laajis offers a possibility for children to get familiar with snowboarding. Our ski school instructors guide the basics of snowboarding and the equipment rental is offered with a discount on the event day (20€ / kid, includes: teaching, lift-ticket and equipment). Sign up directly in rental / ski school.

  • Jeti-mascot visits Snowland
    Jeti visits during the day to greet enthusiastic skiers. Come say hello to the mascot of Laajis!

* Jeti´s mini navigating 
More info to come!

* Downhill track-test
More info to come