You can purchase most of Laajis services online!
Available at Skiperformance web shop
* season passes
* HappyHours-tickets (
* rental storage lockers for equipment
* gift cards (except massage gift cards)

Available at Rentle online rental shop
* rental equipments (for skiing & snowboarding, e-fatbikes, DH-bikes and protective gears, SUP boards, snowshoes, XC skiis etc.)
* booking for ski school private lessons
* booking for Adventure park
* rental SUP boards, disc golf discs, e-scooters
* disc golf track fees (NOTICE! You can pay track fees also with MobilePay)
* booking guided tours and activities

Hoist - accommodation reservation system
* making a accommodation reservation (hostel, caravan, glass igloo)

Available at Reddyshop web shop
* Laajis fan merchandise (sweaters, T-shirts, mugs, tote bags)

Gift cards can be used in all our services at Laajis and Kipinä Studio, except for massage services. Massage gift cards can be bought directly from Kipinä Studio, Timo Hämäläinen.
For the online purchased gift card an email attachment (PDF-file) for the purchase is a valid gift card.

Season passes, lift tickets and Bikepark tickets are downloaded to a Keycard base (6€). If you already have a Keycard, you can download the ticket directly onto it.


You can find all of our prices frin
PRICES-web page

How to buy from online?

You already have a KeyCard
Through our online store, you can upload a new ticket to your remotely readable ticket base. Enter the number shown on the back of your card when purchasing a ticket in the online store and your ticket will then be usable. Day and hour tickets do not require any other measures. The season ticket buyer must visit our ticket office after the first use, in which case we will verify the user’s picture and personal information in the system. Tickets are always personal.

You don’t have a ticket base yet
When purchasing an online store, you can order a new ticket template for yourself. The price of the KeyCard (6€) will be added to the purchase price.

Pick up or delivery?
You can order tickets and Gift Cards delivered to your home (extra postage) or you can pick them up from Laajis during our opening hours.

Which ticket templates work in Laajis?
Laajis uses the Skidata ticket system. So you can use cards from other ski resorts if they have Skidata system. Our online stores identifies compatible ticket templates based on a series of numbers.

Payment methods

Money transmissions are managed by Paytrail so you are able to pay through most Finnish web bank accounts and credit and debit cards. Payment is also possible with chosen installment and invoice services.