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Laajis has something for everyone: meeting packages, refreshment days, saunas, dining, accommodation, activities and season passes. Get familiar with what we have to offer, be in touch with us and let's plan a day of your liking in the scenery of Laajavuori.


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Jani Sallinen
tel. 044 7276919

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Laajis' has saunas from traditional ones to an authentic smoke sauna. Saunas are available for rental use. Dining options are available to be attached with the sauna and when in Vuorilampi smoke sauna, you can also have a tub there. Get famailiar with our saunas and services in the chart below.



Saunat Hinta Maks. henkilömäärä Omat juomat Muuta
Savusauna (pe-la) pe - la: 550€, to - su: 460€ 15 henkeä ei, A-oikeudet Vuorilammen rannalla
Caravan-alueen sauna 200€ 10 henkeä sallittu kaksi saunaa vierekkäin, molempien vuokraus yhteensä 300€
Hostellin sauna 150€ 10 henkeä sallittu  
Palju saunan yhteyteen 150€ 8 henkeä    

Huom! Saunoilla ei ole AV-laitteita.
Hintamuutokset mahdollisia.

Jani Sallinen
tel. 044 7276919

Vuorilampi smoke sauna

Smoke sauna right next to the city center!

In Laajavuori we have a genuine smoke sauna with a hut where you can enjoy your own lunch. The smoke sauna fits 15 people at a time to enjoy the steams in the sauna, to dine and to enjoy a great evening. Larger groups can fit in to use the sauna if the services of Laajis restaurant are used for dining. 

A tub of 8 people can be attached to the smoke sauna to crown the evening. The water of Vuorilampi can be chilly especially in the fall and in the spring, so the tub brings a nice and warm outdoor mood. The tub is heated with gas and we do rent it also to other occasions. The tub will be thoroughly cleaned and the water will be changed after every use.

Smoke sauna prices
Fri-Sat 550

Sun-Thu 460

Tub 150

savusauna vuorilampi laajis laajavuori jyväskylä
seikkailupuisto laajis laajavuori jyväskylä

Other saunas

The caravan-area has two saunas, men and women have their own. The prices can be found above. 

Downstairs of the hostel has a sauna that is available for both caravan-area and hostel visitors.

We have built packages for different kinds of parties and events. The packages can be tailored to match your wishes. 

Jani Sallinen
tel. 044 7276919

Have the best birthday in Laajis

Action packed birthday in Laajavuori! Plenty of activities at your disposal throughout the year. In winter you can for example have fun on the slopes and take breaks in a lean-to while cooking your own lunches, and in summer for example the adventure park offers plenty of excitement! A good ending for the day is the Vuorilampi smoke sauna where you can also have a tub and dining! Accommodation and different kinds of dining menus can be attached with the activities. 

Be in touch with us and let's plan an unforgettable birthday for you!

kokouspaketti kattaus palvelut laajis

Have a magnificent bachelor party in Laajavuori

Come enjoy your bachelor party in Laajavuori Ski Center! Adventure park, downhill biking, e-Fatbikes, plenty of other activities and sumo-suits along with other fun props! A great last stop for the party is at the Vuorilampi smoke sauna where you can have the traditional bridal sauna! The Scandic Hotel & Spa Laajavuori is only 400 meters away and its services can be attached to the day.

Matti Nykänen and his friends, like many others, have chosen Laajavuori to be the place of fun activities! Be in touch with us ans ask for offer!

Have a special Christmas party in Laajavuori

A special Christmas party with the your group in Laajis! We have space for larger groups too, as the restaurant can be reserved and it has seats for over 100 people to dine while enjoying the Christmas spirit. 

The renewed Christmas menus and enjoyable additional services guarantee a successful evening. The party can be tailored to match your wishes. For an example, the evening can have a toast, dining, karaoke, music and stand up-shows and of course we will be serving you the whole evening. The party can have various other activities and additions attached to it, for example the Vuorilampi smoke sauna and accommodation. 

Tell us your wishes for the evening and ask for an offer!

laajis pikkujoulu kattaus ravintola

Great possibilities for dining and accommodation right next to the city center! Ask more about the services.

Jani Sallinen
tel. 044 7276919

Delicious meals at Urban Kitchen

Organize great events in Laajis! We have spaces for larger groups also as the restaurant has capacity for over 100 people and it can be reserved for private use. Seats, program, dining and drinks with various menus! 

Along with dining can be had for example stand up-shows, karaoke and a lot more!

urban kitchen ravintola laajis laajavuori jyväskylä
hostelli laajis laajavuori jyväskylä majoitus

Stay at our Outdoor Hostel!

Outdoor Hostel Laajis is great for leisure and business users! Possibilities for exercise start from the front door of the hostel and the city center is only 4 kilometers away! We have rooms of 2-4 people and each of them have running water and a television. Men and women have their own showers and toilet facilities and they are located in the room corridor. The laundry room and sauna are available for the hostel visitors.  

Stay at our Caravan-area!

A Caravan-area and exercising possibilities right next to the city center! The laundry room and the sauna of the hostel are available for the Caravan-area visitors. Each Caravan-spot has its own outlet and limited tent space. 

caravan laajis laajavuori jyväskylä

Various activities for summer and winter days!


Jani Sallinen
tel. 044 7276919

Winter activities

Talvella laskettelemaan, hiihtämään, pyöräilemään tai lumikenkäilemään! Aktiviteetteja voi harjoittaa omin avuin tai ohjatusti. Downhill skiing, cross country skiing, biking snowshoeing and plenty of other activities! On your own or with a guide!

Here you can read more about each activity!

hiihto maastohiihto latu laajis laajavuori jyväskylä
bikepark alamäkipyöräily laajis laajavuori jyväskylä

Summer activities

Adventure park, downhill biking, downhill scooters, nature trail and plenty of other activities!

Here you can read more about each activity!

Kausikortteja monenlaisiin aktiviteetteihin! Omaan käyttöön tai lahjaksi!

Jani Sallinen
puh. 044 7276919

winter season passes

Season passes for activities or maintenance! The season pass to the slopes includes other benefits, like day tickets to other selected ski centers for half price and two for the price of one to the Scandic Laajavuori Spa!

Examples of the season passes are slopes, maintenance and equipment rent.

More info and prices can be found from the activity's own page. 

lahjakortti hiihtokoulu laajis laajavuori jyväskylä
laajis kausikortti

Summer season passes

Season passes for plenty of summer activities! Ensure the fun of the summer by getting yourself or for a friend a season pass!

Season passes for example for Adventure park, Funland and BikePark!

You can find more info on each activity from the activity's own page!