Tasty food between outdoor activities!

Within active season Laajis UrbanKitchen serves customers during regular opening hours. The menus change with the seasons: in the summer we offer a bit lighter yet fulfilling options and the winter menu offers familiar hamburger meals and other fast foods. Ask our staff if you need more info on gluten-free options or other dietary choices. You're welcome to ask more on ingredients and contents too.
Check below for updated menu!

urban kitchen ravintola laajis laajavuori jyväskylä

Bite in pizza!

The Laajis pizza oven is heating up! We have fine-tuned our recipes and we're sure to serve the best pizzas in history. Of course our pizzas are large enough to defeat even the biggest hunger caused by slope activities. If you don't wish to enjoy your meal in the restaurant at the moment but instead prefer it by the TV at home, it's easy as take away too.