Our "TEHDÄÄN TALVI!" season pass campaign has started for winter season 2021-22
The first set of passes was announced for our newsletter subscribers on 11.3.2021
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The campaign will proceed in steps this year too:
The earlier you get yours the cheaper the price will be for a full season of skiing. The quickest have gotten theirs at the lowest price step of 149€!

After the campaign ends the season passes will be sold at regular prices:

(adults 415€ / youth 325€ / children and seniors 275€)

Season passes are available at the webshop.
It's possible the pay by increments at the webshop.

Winter season 2021-22 will again begin early with the help of stored snow.
This time we have been able to store record amount of it!

Campaign has started 11.3.2020

Want to purchase the season pass with exercise benefits?

NB! If you buy the new season pass now at the webshop to an existing Keycard holding your present season pass, please visit our rental shop to update your Keycard before going to the lifts. We recommend buying the season pass to another Keycard to avoid additional effort.

hiihtokeskus laajis laajavuori jyväskylä


The campaign is not anymore for reservations but the season passes are bought immediately at our webshop. There's only a limited amount of season passes to be sold at each price step: 500 passes at 149€, 500 passes at 159€ etc. so that it's cheaper to buy yours earlier. After the campaign the season passes are sold at regular prices. Once you have purchased yours you can relax and begin to wait for the winter 2021-22: you have already guaranteed a winter full of skiing days, likely starting in November!


During season 2020-21 we have been able to make and store more snow than in previous seasons which will help massively with the season opening for 2021-22. The stored snow has allowed us to begin slope season in November already for two winters in row! For season 2021-22 the stored snow will again help us open slopes early and to be able to offer skiing through winter.

hiihtokeskus laajis laajavuori jyväskylä
hiihtokeskus laajis laajavuori


With season pass you're obviously allowed on the slopes, Snowland and snowparks every day of the season, but you're in for many benefits as well.

Some of the benefits include: -50% on day pass to selected Finnish ski resorts and 2 for the price of one entry to Laajavuori spa.


Back in 2018-2019 launched equipment season pass is a top choice for the 2021-22 season also! Avoid buying equipment for still growing youth or have variability by switching easily from skis to board and back whenever you want to. There also won't be any carrying the equipment back and forth from home to the slopes. Seriously a smart option for 149€ and you can buy it easily from our online shop or from the counter in Laajis.

The season pass includes basic downhill ski, snowboarding, cross country ski and snowshoeing equipment. The equipment can not be reserved beforehand and their usability depends on the opening hours of Laajis. The season pass is personal.

Notice! The equipment season pass does not include e-fatbikes, snowskates, pro or better than basic ski equipment.

hiihtokeskus laajis laajavuori
hiihtokeskus laajis laajavuori


Why keep carrying the skis and other ski equipment back and forth from home to the slopes and vice versa? We rent different kinds of storage spaces and lockable lockers. We have different sizes of lockers in a warm space and they can fit skis or a board with other ski equipment. We also have cold storage spaces and separate lockers for ski boots.

You can rent a locker through the online shop!


A professional equipment maintenance at service in Laajis. This is how we can make sure that your equipment is at its best the whole season long and that the edges are sharp. Well kept equipment helps you to enjoy your time and our maintenance service can do it for you so you can have more spare time.

hiihtokeskus laajis laajavuori
hiihtokeskus laajis laajavuori


Our Ski School offers top quality instruction for all skill levels on alpine, snowboarding, telemark and cross country. Additionally you can get guided snowshoeing tours. Next winter the popular season courses will continue!

It's easy to enter ski school lessons and courses at our webshop.


Laajis is located only 4 km away from the city center. When arriving with your own car, you have plenty of parking space (parking disc) and during rush hours there will be people guiding you in the parking area. 

Local bus (number 25) travels from the city center multiple times in an hour and the stop is right on the front door of Laajis. The bus ride from the city center is under 10 minutes long. 

There are hiking trail that connect us to multiple living areas that are close by.

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Laajis takarinne


You can find the additional info on season pass campaign HERE.

Season passes for winter 2021-22 for the offered campaign price can be bought at our WEBSHOP. Please note that there's only a limited amount of season passes for the campaign offer. It's not possible to pay with sports notes/exercise benefits at the webshop, so please contact us (email info@laajis.fi) or visit rental shop to make a purchase.

At the webshop you'll need to create yourself an account which will make the purchase easier. Needed information includes the name of the season pass holder, a picture and contact details (the contact details of a guardian in the case of underage season pass holder). At the webshop you can also create a team (e.g. family, friends) to purchase season passes to other persons.

How to buy
1. Go to our webshop, create yourself an account and continue to "LET'S MAKE THE WINTER FOR SEASON 2021-22!".

2. Congratulations, you can now buy season passes on campaign offer for yourself, your family or even your friends! Add the right amount of season passes to basket and continue to checkout.

3. At this point you will be asked for Keycard. You can use an existing Keycard or purchase a new one (6€).

4. After Keycard there will be season pass holder information needed. If you're reserving the season pass for someone else or more than one at once you can easily create info for additional person and add them to your team.

5. Review your order and continue to payment. Please note that the price of season pass is charged from your account at this point.

6. Be ready to get to the slopes when season starts in November.

* You can load the season pass to an existing SkiData Keycard. If you have a Keycard, you will be asked for the card number during the reservation.
* If you don't have a SkiData Keycard you can purchase it with the season pass at the webshop and pick it up at Laajis.
* We will need a facial image of the season pass holder. Image is uploaded during reservation at the webshop.

How do I pay my season pass?
The campaign offer is reclaimed at the web shop and the price is paid simultaneously.

It's not possible to pay with sports notes or gift cards at the webshop so please contact us beforehand (email info@laajis.fi) or visit rental shop to make a purchase

I have bought a season pass, what happens next?
After making a purchase you will receive an order confirmation by email. Now you're done and can just calmly wait for the beginning season.


Stay up-to-date about the campaign and other current issues.