The "Tehdään talvi!" season pass campaign for season 2018-19 has begun. Last winter our campaign reached 2809 reserved season passes, thank you all for that! The campaign was successful even if we didn't quite reach the final goal. Following the success last year we want to offer another chance to buy Laajis season pass for extremely low price.

This year the campaign is slightly redesigned as there will be
only 3000 season passes on offer for the lowest price! Being quick pays off.
Campaign offer will be realized when the 3000 cheapest season passes have been reserved at the web shop. The offered reservation price for Laajis season pass is 150€.

You will be able to make your reservation at our web shop now.

❄❄❄ Check out the season pass counter to see how many there are left! ❄❄❄

We wish to see lot of glad season pass owners at the slopes next winter!

Have a great campaign period! Laajis crew ❄❄❄

Laajis takarinne


You can find the additional info on season pass campaign HERE.

Season passes for winter 2018-19 for the offered campaign price can be reserved at our new webshop. Please note that there is only limited amount of season passes for the campaign offer. It's not possible to pay with sports notes at the web shop, so please contact us beforehand (email to receive instructions if you want to use sports notes.

At the web shop you'll need to create yourself an account which will make the purchase easier. Needed information includes the name of the season pass holder, a picture and contact details (the contact details of a guardian in the case of underage season pass holder). At the webshop you can also create a team (e.g. family, friends) to purchase season passes to other persons.

How to make a reservation
1. Go to our web shop, create yourself an account and continue to "LET'S MAKE THE WINTER FOR SEASON 2018-19!".

2. Congratulations, you can now reserve season passes on campaign offer (150€) for yourself, your family or even your friends! Add the right amount of season passes to basket and continue to checkout.

3. At this point you will be asked for Keycard. You can use an existing Keycard or purchase a new one (6€).

4. After Keycard there will be season pass holder information needed. If you're reserving the season pass for someone else or more than one at once you can easily create info for additional person and add them to your team.

5. Review your order and continue to payment. Please note that the price of season pass is charged from your account at this point. If the campaign offer is not realized, the funds will be returned.

6. After the campaign period we will notify you about the situation and what happens next.

* You can load the season pass to an existing SkiData Keycard. If you have a Keycard, you will be asked for the card number during the reservation.
* If you don't have a SkiData Keycard you can purchase it with the season pass at the web shop and pick it up at Laajis if and when the campaign offer is realized.
* We will need a facial image of the season pass holder. Image is uploaded during reservation at the webshop.

How do I pay my season pass?
The campaign offer is reclaimed at the web shop and the price is reserved simultaneously. If the campaign offer is not realized the funds will be returned to your account.

It's not possible to pay with sports notes or gift cards at the web shop so please contact us beforehand (email to receive more instructions to using sports notes or gift cards

I have reserved a season pass, what happens next?
After making a reservation you will receive an order confirmation by email to keep during the campaign period. After campaign period we will email more information how to act if the offer is realized. You will also receive info if the offer is not realized and the funds will be returned to your account.


Stay up-to-date about the campaign and other current issues.