Welcome to have the best summer birthday party in Laajis!

Activities, outdoor fun and treats in Jyväskylä without the mess and cleaning your home! Laajis birthday is an easy and memorable option for everyone. Our summer activities and outdoor trails will guarantee a memorable and sporty birthday for the whole group.

Are you looking for a place for winter birthday party?  Click here for winter birthday.

Adventure party

In adventure birthday party the little adventurers get challenged climbing and in the rope slides. This party is full of joy of sports and fun!

The price for adventure party 20€ / child
Minimum 5 children

The price includes the ticket for adventure park. Please notice the lenght requirements. For more info and lenght requiremens here.

Nature trail birthday

The birthday group goes around Laajavuori nature trail (about 5km) and barbeque sausages in the lean-tos with an intstructor. It takes about 2-3 hours. Sausages and juice are included in the price.

Nature trail birthday price 25€ / child
The group size minimum 5 children and maximum 15 children.

The price includes the guided tour through the nature trail and barbeque with sausages and juice.

Bungee ja slackline -birthdays

An active birthday party in Laajavuori. This party is all about jumping in bungee trampoline, balancing on slackline and having fun.

Bungee ja slackline -birthday price 20€ / child
The group size minimum 5 children and maximum 15 children.

The price includes an instructor for 2 hours and activities. Also the bouncy castles can be used.

Lean-to and smoke sauna

Spend your birthday on the Vuorilampi beach.

The new lean-to in next to the smoke sauna for the summer. You can fit 25-30 people in it. On the sitting area there is room for 24 people and  extra seats around  the lean-to. There are electric heaters inside so you can enjoy it in the autumn also.

In the smoke sauna cabin fits about 15 people. There is a fireplace and a small kitchen.

Smoke sauna cabin (without sauna) 200€
Lean-to 150€

Warming of smoke sauna 250€

Notice. Smoke sauna cabin has a-rights to serve alcohol.

Birthday cabinet and food

If you want to have a proper meal on the party, that’s possible next to out restaurant. There is room for 25 children in the cabinet and the catering is done by Laajis. In the restaurant there’s a playing area and a ball pool for children.

Cabinet birthday price 25€ / child
Minimum 8 children.

The price includes using the cabinet for 1,5 hours, setting for the table and food plus a free ticket for the birthday boy/girl for an activity (adventure park, downhill scooter or disc golf).  Other birthday guests get 20% discount on tickets.

The meal includes fries and frankfurt, vegetables, lemonade, sweets, crisps and ice cream.


Extra services

Extra service Price Description
Visiting of a  Yeti 50€ Laajis snowman visiting at the end (about 15min) who hands out the diploma’s to the children.
Superviser 40€ / hour A supervisor during the party if the parents can’t join the children. Maximum 8 children/ supervisor. Children must be 6 years or older.

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