Up-to-date info about coronavirus

Finnish Ski Area Association guidelines for Covid-19

Updated 3.10.2020

Read through the guidelines regarding coronavirus situation written by Finnish Ski Area Association AT THIS LINK

Coronavirus instructions at Laajis

Updated 24.9.2020

The activities at Laajis are practices outdoors and it's easier to keep your safe distance. Naturally we will follow the situation closely and listen to official guidelines actively. With following procedures we can keep the virus from spreading:

- Remember to keep your safe distance also outdoors. We sure know this part well here in Finland!
- Use gloves, if there are surfaces where other people have touched (e.g. when climbing or at lifts). You can bring your own gloves or purchase suitable ones at Laajis.
- We disinfect all rental equipment between users.
- We will limit the amount of places when needed on our courses and tours.
- At the slopes and on the lifts safe distances can be held and lift is used alone or with own group.

Our staff is ready to wear masks outdoors as well, when safe distance can't be held. We won't demand masks from our customers when outside based on official guidelines. Indoors we'll act as any other public space. We disinfect surfaces regularly and follow guidelines for safe distances. Everyone can affect the spread with these precautions:
- Keep your hands clean. There are several washing locations and disinfectant stations.
- To help keep safe distances we have taped floor areas and built passage routes. Please note the guidance.
- Use a face mask while indoors - our staff will do so as well.

The digital channels help us during the situation. Here are some helpful tips for an easier experience at Laajis (helps us also avoid queues):
- Book an activity, course, lesson or equipment beforehand online.
- Purchase tickets beforehand online and go straight to your chosen outdoor activity.
- If paying at Laajis, please prefer card and touch-free payments.

General coronavirus guidelines can't be repeated too often, so remember these too:
Only visit Laajis when healthy.
Download the Koronavilkku-app.
Follow healthcare officials guidelines.

Coronavirus situation is ever-changing. We are prepared to move certain services outdoors and working to improve our booking services, to avoid queues. Rental situations can be dealt with minimising the physical contacts and outdoors as well. For the winter season we have plans for renewed snow-making plans to better spread out people on the slopes. Thanks for your co-operation and have a safe time on outdoor activities!

Staff at Laajis


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