Snowpark Laajavuori

Snowpark Laajavuori is a combination of 3 different snowparks around the Laajis ski resort. The "original" Snowpark is situated at the Eturi front slope and is the spot for biggest jumps and longest rails. The easy, jib-friendly Junnuparkki (Youth park) can be ridden at the Auris slope. There are also some obstacles at Lumimaa area making up the Miniparkki for smaller and bigger family members to try out park skiing and snowboarding and getting the hang of basics.

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Laajis Snowpark

The biggest jumps and the most challenging rail liness are at the Laajis Snowpark at the Eturi slope. This is also the place for slopestyle competitions and the best sessions on the skis or snowboard. The park lines are updated through season so you'll find something new to ride all winter.

Junnuparkki (Youth park)

Laajis Junnuparkki is found at Auris slope and it's the place when you're searching for smaller obstacles to jib on or trying to hone your basic park skills and getting to freestyle skiing and snowboarding. Junnuparkki can be found at the Auris slope and is easily accessible from front slope lifts. It's the perfect place for beginner park skiers and snowboarders to improve their skills on the easier obstacles.


Laajis Miniparkki is a great place to try out small park obstacles safely and train on the park riding basics. Miniparkki is built on the Laajis Snowland area.

Wild West Laajis

Wild West Laajis can be found on the back slope of Laajavuori, where you can get into the downhill atmosphere a little easier! There are many interesting things to calculate on the edges of the forest counter slope. Wild West Laajis is a natural snow slope, ie. it's opened when a sufficient layer of snow has been obtained to cover the rocks and stumps.

Auriksen Ränni

At Auris you will also find a ski / boarder cross track, Auris Ränni. The cross track is suitable for skis and boards.


In the winter season 2021-22, Havumäki Ranch will be responsible for Laajis Snowpark. The team is responsible for ensuring that our slopes have high-quality, safe and diverse parks. From the Snowpark channels you can follow check out the latest setups.

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