About Laajis Snowland

Snowland will be open again for winter 2021-22!
Slopes for new skiers and snowboarders, including new improvements

For active users: Snowland Season Pass for only 99€
Spend all winter on snow: sledding, skiing, snowboarding, on breaks in Snowland lean-to!

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Laajis Snowland is the best winter fun for all family!

Snowland area slopes and activities are designed for families and beginners in mind. Start from here if you are new on skis! Area provides tons of fun for kids and adults alike in a safe and stimulating environment, boosting kids’ enthusiasm to enjoy learning new sports and developing their skills. Area includes three slopes, two lifts, snow carousel and a separate sledding hill. For breaks you can use the warm Snowland lean-to with grill kitchen, tables and IR heaters. If you left your sausages at home, you can buy some from Laajis restaurant-café. Snowland area is open during ski resort opening hours.

You can bring your own sleds, toboggans and bobs but the ticket includes also borrowing Laajis' sledding equipment, like sleds, gliders or Stiga-sleds. We have also Burton Riglet minisnowboards (for small kids to try out snowboarding).

Laajis' lift tickets and season passes permit also Snowland use.

Snowland sessions

On weekends you'll find Laajis' Ski School organising easy sessions at Snowland slopes. It's an opportunity to get some tips and hints how to improve your skills. The sessions don't correspond to proper Ski School lessons, but you're able to get good info on which ski school course would be best for you to become a better skier/snowboarder!

Ski School sessions will start on 18.12.2021 and are on weekends (Sat+Sun) 12.00-13.00, join in for best hints on skiing or snowboarding!

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Snowland lean-to

Snowland lean-to is a great place to have your break between sledding and other slope fun! Lean-to is available to guests during opening hours. It is also possible to book the lean-to for private use. The lean-to is perfect active winter birthdays etc. There are about 30 seats inside, so there's enough room for a bigger crowd. There are electric radiator heaters to keep you warm. In lean-to's kitchen it's possible to grill your sausages or marshmallows.


Snowland is an ideal venue for fun-filled and active birthday parties. Spend memorable and action-packed birthdays at Laajis with sledding, ski school lesson or on other snowy activities. For example you can book a Ski school guide for the event to make skiing and snowboarding more fun with bit of competition and challenges.

It's possible to reserve the lean-to for private use for birthday parties with special catering and some outdoor activities. The rental price for lean-to is 150€ / 2h incl. private use of lean-to, firewood, lit fire and final clean-up. The activities can include kids' nature trail, Jeti Treasure hunt and Jaffa snowball accuracy throw. Read more about birthday parties on offer.

For more info or reservations, contact us at:
p. +358 207 436 436

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Snowland Miniparkki

It's easy to take the first steps to freestyle skiing and snowboarding at Laajis' Snowland's own Miniparkki obstacles. You can find couple small jumps and rails for beginners of all ages to train their skills and progress to new levels. You'll get many training attempts fast in Snowland with the rope lift pulling you fast up to start a new run.