Ski Resort

Laajis slopemap

* 12 slopes
* 6 lifts
* 4 snowparks
* Icecross track
* 48 km ski trail network

Laajis – Laajavuori Ski Resort

Laajis is so much more than the front slope.

In 10 years the amount of slopes in Laajis has doubled and at the moment there are 12 marked slopes. Laajis offers a broad range of slopes from the easiest slopes for kids to challenging mogul slope. There's something for everyone.

In the winter Laajis offers excellent surroundings for skiing, snowboarding, crosscountry skiing and snowshoeing. Laajis in brief:
* 12 slopes
* 6 lifts
* 3 snowparks (Snowpark, Junnuparkki, Wild West Laajis and Minipark)
* LaajisForKids area
* Icecross track
* 48 km groomed ski trails out of which 15km lit

Lumipallo review (in Finnish) of Laajis.

Snowpark Laajavuori

There are 4 snowparks in Laajis (Snowpark on the front, Junnuparkki at Auris, Wild West Laajis at the back and Miniparkki at LaajisForKids area).

During the season the setups of the parks are renewed occasionally. The slope manager gets help for maintaining and designing the parks from our own parkteam

More on our snowparks here.

Laajis for kids

The LaajisForKids children's area is almost 4000 square meters of fun designed for the families. The area includes 3 slopes, a snow carousel, 2 lifts (including a rope and a carpet lift) and sledding hill. Tomorrow’s ski stars can learn and practice their skills in Minipark and there's also Junnuparkki at Auris to train freestyle skills in an easier environment.

Ski School & Ice Cross School

You'll find high-quality teaching for all skill-levels at our ski school for skiing, snowboarding, telemark and crosscountry skiing. In addition the ski school will organize guided snowshoeing trips.
More info on Ski School

There's also an Ice Cross School where you can find Ice Cross World Champion Arttu Pihlainen in action.