There are 12 marked slopes in Laajis. Our ski resort offers a broad range of slopes from the easiest kids' slopes to a challenging mogul slope. There's something for everyone.

In the winter Laajis offers excellent surroundings for skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, winter cycling and many other winter activities.

Laajis in brief:
* 12 slopes
* 1 sledding hill
* 6 lifts
* 3 snowparks (Front slope Snowpark, Auris Junnuparkki and Snowland Minipark)
* Laajis Snowland area for kids and beginners
* 48 km groomed ski trails out of which 15km lit
* Winter cycling route

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hiihtokeskus laajis laajavuori


There are 3 snowparks in Laajis (Snowpark at the front slope, Junnuparkki at Auris slope and Miniparkki at Laajis Snowland area). You'll find fun jumps, rails and obstacles whatever your skill level is. Parks are maintained in cooperation with Laajis Parkcrew.


The Laajis Snowland children’s area is almost 4000 square meters of fun designed for the families. The area includes 2 slopes, a snow carousel, 2 lifts (including a sompa and a carpet lift) and a sledding hill. Small skiers and boarders get to hone their skills on small obstacles. A break in between is easily spent at fire place, where it's possible to grill sausages too. Occasionally you can participate in free Ski School sessions to get tips and guidance.

hiihtokeskus laajis laajavuori
hiihtokeskus laajis laajavuori


You'll find high-quality teaching for all skill-levels at our Ski School for skiing, snowboarding, telemark and cross-country skiing. In addition the Ski School can organize guided snowshoeing trips. You can book private and group lessons or enter a full course. We'll have popular season courses at the Ski School as well next winter.


There are 48 km of groomed cross-country tracks in Laajavuori area. 15km of ski track network is illuminated. Skiing starts early at the "Early season snow track" (Early season snow track) with snow stored from previous winter.


During snowy conditions you'll be able to ride your fatbike on our "winter cycling route" (winter cycling route) making a roundtrip to Laajavuori backcountry.

hiihtokeskus laajis laajavuori

Welcome to Laajis!