Season pass rules



Dear season pass owners and parents or caretakers,

we have sketched the following rules to accommodate safety and co-operation for all season pass owners at Laajis.

1. Follow the official SHKY ski slope rules.
2. Follow the staff advice and guidance as well as guidance boards. E.g. excessive turning or pulling the anchor could end up causing damage to the lifts and with the user being liable for said damages.
3. Stand in queue as other customers. This applies to all service lines at Laajis, from lifts to restaurant.
4. Leave equipment on stands as intended. This applies also to stands outside under the slopes.
5. All thefts and vandalism are naturally cases that will also be reported to authorities.

We wish that you (and your children) will get to know the rules so that we can all enjoy the winter season more. Laajis has the right to seize a season pass for limited time in the case the rules aren't followed. In this case there will not be any refunds.


Handing over a personal season pass to another person will end up instantly invalidating said season pass and the pass will be confiscated. The season pass can be acquired back earliest after one week from invalidation. A fine of 150€ will charged for abuse. Only an adult can acquire the season pass after confiscation.