Season pass campaign terms and conditions

Organiser of the campaign: Laajis Oy

The campaign sells personal season tickets to Laajis ski resort for the winter season 2018-19. Season pass entitles the skier to use lifts and slopes during the opening hours of Laajis.

When the customer registers for season pass campaign, he commits to comply with the following terms and conditions.

1. The goal of the campaign is to get 3,000 season card reservations by 4 November 2018. Laajis has the right to execute the campaign with another amount and change the campaign time.

2. Registration to the campaign is done by booking a season pass via the Laajis online store.

3. The price of a season pass (150 €) is charged from the customer's account at the time of booking. The money will be returned to the customer's account if the campaign does not go through. Registration is binding and can not be canceled. The customer is not required to purchase a regular season ticket (€ 415) if the campaign is not put into effect.

4. The season pass is uploaded on a Keycard chip card. If the customer does not have one, Keycard can be purchased alongside with the season pass booking (price of the Keacard is 6 €).

5. Laajis will notify of the campaign result on its own website and email.

6. The season card is valid for the winter season 2018-19 as soon as the season card has been fully paid.

Take a look at the terms of delivery of ski resorts created by the Finnish Ski Resort Association and approved by the Consumer Ombudsman.

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