It's easy to come to Laajis by car or by public transport.

The trip to Laajavuori takes under 10 minutes with Jyväskylä public transport (bus number 25). The busses go several times an hour.

Our address is
Laajavuorentie 15
40740 Jyväskylä, Finland
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In Laajis we have plenty of parking space for customers. However remember to use a parking disk in our parking lot!

Check below Laajis parking areas.

Google-kartta sijainnistamme

parkkialueet Laajiksessa


P maastohiihtäjät=cross-country skiers
Kisakentän parkkipaikka

P laskettelijat=skiers
Sand parking lot (the main parking area)
(10h kiekolla)

P hostel and restaurant customers
Laajis main building parking area
(restaurant customers 2 hours with a parking disk, hostel customers get a parking ticket from the reception)

Lisä-P laskettelijat=Extra P skiers
During rush-hours when Caravan area gate is open. The gate closes 15 min after the slopes close.

Notice! Driving to the Caravan area only through the main entrance (north), exit the area from the southern exit.