The best sport days and school trips of the spring and autumn!

Come and experience the joy of sports in Laajis!

Laajis offers a great setting for school, college and nursary sport days in Jyväskylä, only 4km from the city centre.

Versitile activities guarantee something for everyone. Adventure park is one of the largest in Nordic countries, including breathtaking climbing and exciting zipline slides. There are easy and beginner-friendly courses near the ground but also more demanding ones up to 20 meters high off the ground. Laajis also has Funland, two disc golf courses, Bikepark, nature trail and lean-tos, electric bikes and lots of other things to do in a fresh air.

In our Pro shop it's possible to rent disc golf discs, downhill scooters and electric bikes.

Welcome to Laajis!

Winter activity day

During winter Laajis is a versitile ski resort, which offers a sure winter. Skiing, snowboarding and many other winter activities suit well for sport days. Get familiar with Laajis winter activity days.


In the group there has to be the minimum amount of paying customers for each activity. Prices are not valid during the school holidays. These prices are for nursary's and schools only.



Seikkailupuisto 16€ / hlö Minimi ryhmäkoko 15 hlöä, opettajat ja valvojat ilmaiseksi ryhmän mukana. Hanskat 3,5€ / pari.
Luontopolkuretki ja laavu 20€ / hlö Ryhmäkoko 10-20 hlöä. Kesto 2-3 tuntia ohjattuna, sisältää laavulla tulet ja makkarat
Frisbeegolf-kurssi 16€ / hlö Minimi ryhmäkoko 15 hlöä. Sisältää välineet ja väylämaksun, voidaan tehdä useampia ryhmiä.
Alamäkipotkulaudat 25€ / hlö Ryhmäkoko 6-10 hlöä. Kesto 2 tuntia, omatoiminen, ei sisällä ohjausta.
Hupimaa ja Junnuradat 15€ / hlö Päiväkotilaisille. Minimi ryhmäkoko 15 hlöä. Sisältää Seikkailupuiston Junnuradat ja Hupimaan. Hanskat 3,50€ / pari.

Tasty school foods

In Laajis restaurant you get more energy for your school day. In the cafe you get hot chocolate, doughnuts and other products. You can also reserve a luch menu from the kitchen beforehand.

- Soup lunch: 4,50€ / person (inc. mince meat- or frankfurter soup, bread+toppings, juice/water)
- Burger-meal: 6€ / person (inc. burger, fries and juice/water)
- Buffet-food: 7€ / person (inc. fries, meatballs, frankfurters, green salad, bread+toppings, juice/water)

For independent eating you can use our lean-to (check the availibitity). In the snowland area there is a campfire place that can also be used.

Accommodation and other things to do

Laajis is located nearby Jyväskylä centre, only 4km from the city centre and the city services. The local bus goes right in front of Laajis and the trip to the centre takes only 10 minutes. Very near Laajis there is Vuorilampi beach with smoke sauna and hot tub. In the area you find a spa and cinema also so there is plenty to do even in a rainy day.

Laajis has affordable hostel accommodation and only 400 meters away is a Spa hotel.

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