Team startings and endings of the season

Come and experience the joy of exercise in Laajis!

Whether it's the team start of the season, the finish of the season or other happening, Laajis offers a wonderful setting for your team. There is plenty to do for everyone: adventure park, disc golf, downhill scooter or a trip trough the nature trail.

After the adventure park and other activities you can enjoy the rest of the day by having sauna. We offer a smoke sauna and a hot tub can also be rented. Other option is a spacious and cosy caravan-sauna. The food is arranged by Laajis catering.

Laajis has accommodation also. In the hostel we have 2-4 persons rooms with a shared bathroom. Check our hostel here.

Welcome to Laajis!

Team prices

NOTICE! Team prices are not valid on weekends and on school holidays. These prices are only for season start and end happenings.

Aktiviteetti Hinta per henkilö Ryhmän koko Saatavilla Lisätiedot
Seikkailupuisto 16€ 15-200 hlöä Huhti-Lokakuu hanskat 3,50€ / pari
Alamäkipotkulautailu 25€ 6-10 hlöä Kesä-Lokakuu kesto 2 tuntia, omatoiminen, ei sisällä ohjausta
Frisbeegolf -kurssi 16€ 15-100 hlöä Kesä-Lokakuu sisältää välineet ja väylämaksun, voidaan tehdä useampia ryhmiä
Luontopolkukierros ja laavu 20€ 10-20 hlöä Ympäri vuoden kesto 2-3 tuntia ohjattuna, sisältää laavulla tulet ja makkarat
Saunat, tilat ja ruokailu
Aktiviteetti Hinta Lisätietoa
Savusauna su-to 460€ / ilta, pe-la 550€ / ilta Tupakeittiöllä. Hinta sisältää saunan käyttöön koko illaksi sekä pelaajille jaettavaksi pienimuotoisia palkintoja
Palju 150€ 8 hengen palju, savusaunan yhteyteen
Laavu 150€ / ilta Savusaunan yhteyteen 30 hengen laavu kotakeittiöllä, lämmitettävä
Ruoka alk. 12€  / hlö Runsas buffet-ruokailu

Adventure Park

Adventure Park has challenges and joy of exercising for everyone. Rise high to the treetops like a monkey and set free your inner adventurer. Prepare to test your Tarzan-skills and let you sweat flow when you challenge yourself with obstacles requiring balance, bravery and strength. There is climbing and zipline slides on tree tops and high poles for almost 2,5 kilometers. There are easy and beginner-friendly courses near the ground but also more demanding ones up to 20 meters high off the ground.

Before starting the instructor will teach you how it all works. Our adventure park instructors are there to help you and challenge you to try things you didn't know you had the courage to do - jump in on an adventure!

Vuorilampi smoke sauna and hot tub

The smoke sauna is fitting for meetings, company parties, entertainment and recreation. Groups of up to 15 people are able to fit in the sauna, enjoy dinner and spend evening at the smoke sauna and cabin. Even bigger groups are also welcome.

The water in Vuorilampi can sometimes be a bit chilly. We can rent and deliver a heated bath tub at the smoke sauna by request. It's very relaxing to sit in the tub in between sauna. The tub fits 8 persons and is gas-heated.


Two saunas at the caravan site service building, one for men and one for women. Both saunas fit about 10 people. Our cosy sauna area is an ideal place to spend evening with a group. At the caravan site service building there is a clean double kitchen and dining room but caravan sauna price includes a private living and dining area Pommari also.


The new lean-to in next to the smoke sauna for the summer. You can fit 25-30 people in it. On the sitting area there is room for 24 people and extra seats around the lean-to. There are electric heaters inside so you can enjoy it in the autumn also. There is a small kitchen also.


In the deal it's possible to add a tasty and fulfilling buffet. Laajis kitchen arranges all the food in the buffet. Remember to let us know about possible allergies and special diets.

Contact info

Are you interested in having a start- or end of the season day in Laajis? Leave a request for an offer and we contact you as soon as possible.

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