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Laajis - Laajavuori Ski Resort and Adventure park Laajavuori are located just 4 km from the Jyväskylä city centre. In the area there is plenty of free parking space.

In the area operates Restaurant and Hostel Gasthaus Laajavuori, the Vuorilampi smoke sauna, Laajavuori Ski Resort, Adventure park Laajavuori and personal training studio Kipinä. Laajavuori is a popular recreational area among citizens of Jyväskylä and travellers in the area. Nearby one can find spahotel Rantasipi and camping site Laajavuori.

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Distances to Laajavuori

Laajavuori and Laajis are just 19 km away from the Tikkakoski airport and 4 km away from the Jyväskylä city centre.

Distances to largest cities
* Helsinki 273km
* Tampere 154km
* Seinäjoki 192km
* Kuopio 152km
* Mikkeli 120km
* Oulu 337km
* Saint Petersburg 421km

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