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Private lessons: Private lessons
Open Ice sessions: Open Ice sessions
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Extremely popular Ice Cross School continues!

The Ice Cross School continues on season 2016-17. As instructors we'll have experienced PE teachers and Ice Cross athletes incl. Arttu Pihlainen.

Why enter Ice Cross School?

* Ice Cross will improve skating skills - demanding a proper skating stance

* requires strength and explosiveness

* improves balance

* fitting for icehockey players and also skiers as excellent additional training

How to prepare for Ice Cross School?

* Full icehockey gear and full face covering helmet

* Gear can be changed in locker rooms at Ski Rental (separate for men and women)

* Meeting at Ski Rental before start

* Arrive early and have your gear on 5 min before the course start at latest

* Ice Cross School includes ski pass for the time of the course

More info on gear and requirements.

Lessons and courses

Ice Cross School always includes lift ticket for duration of the course.


duration price/person add. person
50min 45€ 25€
90min 75€ 35€

OPEN ICE (5-10 persons)

duration price/persons
1x50min 20€

What is Open Ice?

* A chance to come test the sport with guidance from an Ice Cross instructor
* You can come alone or with friends (sessions are held when 5 persons enroll)
* We'll attempt to organize the groups by skill level

ICE CROSS CAMPS (max. 20 persons)

duration price/camp
1x50min 160€
1x90min 250€

* Max. group size 20 persons, includes guidance


p. +358 207 436 437