Ice Cross Guidelines

Ice Cross Guidelines

Safety in Ice Cross? Easy, if you follow these few simple guidelines to start.


You need a valid lift ticket to enter the ice cross track in Laajis. Track is mainly open during the ski resort opening hours but check day specific opening hours from our front page. Ice cross track requires a lot of maintenance and snow plowing as you might imagine. We update our opening hours actively.

Track is accessed with the front slope lifts. Once at the lift exit, you need to slide a small distance on the slope to the beginning of the ice cross track. Going up hill with the lift on skates is similar to skiis. Of course, it depends on the weather how hard the lift base is so skates slide sometimes a bit deeper in the snow. You can ask "sliding assistance" on your skates from our ski rental. Skaters naturally queue similarly through the lift gates with other skiers and lift users. Remember to buy a valid lift ticket in order to use the ice cross track. Skaters usually keep their ski ticket in their glove during skating.

Ask from our tickets sales for the correct exit point in the lift. This might change due to weather conditions and track maintenance. Lift exit is either at the top station or at the half way of the lift (where the track bridge is).

NB! No skating allowed uphill to avoid collisions!

Lift ticket prices HERE.


We recommend skaters to use their own icehockey gear, that fits well and covers if you fall over. Important to cover incl. head, knees, bottom, elbows, shoulders, back and hands (jockstrap not essential, but hockey pants shield definitely well)

Necessary gear:
* HELMET (preferably a full face covering one)
* Skates and BLADECOVERS
* Icehockey gear or DH gear

You can find dressing rooms for men and women in our ski rental. You can rent a day locker from the ski rental for your valuables.


Anyone wishing to try out the Ice Cross track should have reasonable basic skills on skating on the flat. The Laajis Ice Cross track is an inspiring training opportunity for icehockey players to improve skating skills or for alpine skiers to train balance and other skills.

Read here (in Finnish), about an experience on the Ice Cross track.


Skating on the track is always one's own responsibility, but also instructed. You should check from your insurance company that the sport is covered in the insurance policy.


Updated information and instructions can be found on Ice Cross Laajavuori Facebook.