Have fun in Funland!


Funland is currently closed and won't likely to be opened on summer season 2020. We will inform if this matter changes. If you have bought Funland season pass in advance, please contact Laajis' office by email info@laajis.fi or by phone +358 400 114157.

Fun activities in Laajis
Even though Funland is closed, there's plenty of activities in Laajis for smallest members of families. Children's natura trail Siilipolku (Hedgehog path) is open on summer season. Ask free map from Adventure park's front desk. On Adventure park you can find junior courses (for 90-140cm adventurers) and easy green courses (over 110cm adventurers).

On Bikepark there's junior bikepark built on Snowland's carpet lift area. Junior bikepark has two easy downhill trail and skill elements. You can rent DH-scooters also for junior bikepark. On rental there's full-suspension bikes and equipments suitable for children.

Let's not forget disc golf. This sport is suitable for whole family and on Laajavuori there are two different disc golf courses: Laajavuori 18-basket pro course and Vuorilampi 9-basket course. Day fee is 5€ / person, including both courses. Only Vuorilampi course's day fee is 3€ / person and Vuorilampi's family ticket is 10€ (same household members only).

Summer season passes
For all the summer season's activities there are available basic season passes and "Full access" -season pass which includes all summer activities (Adventure park, Bikepark, disc golf). You can buy season passes easily from Laajis' webshop.

hupimaa laajis laajavuori jyväskylä
hupimaa polkuautot laajis laajavuori jyväskylä

Funland is currently closed. However Siilipolku (Hedgehog path) is open for use for free, read more below or ask by the counter.

At summer season Funland, wich works in touch with Adventure park, offers fun for the whole family! Funland is the most suitable for children under 10 years old.

Funland made shape sift, willing to offer attached action for family's smallest along with Junior courses. In Funland one gets also experience mighty bouncy castle, gets to drive pedal cars and to jump with bungee trampoline. Adventure park's Junior ticket includes Funland ticket along with Junior courses. Basic Funland day ticket and season pass are available also.

Summer delicacies are available in Urban Kitchen inside. Comprehensive assortment of ice cream is to be found and cold refreshments to cheer up the day. Urban Kitchen has little salty and sweet eatable, to make sure one has enough strenght for an adventure.

For customers there is plenty of free parking site. Just remember to put on a parking disc as adviced. You also get easily with Jyväskylä Liikenne local traffic bus number 25 to Laajavuori. Bus stop is in front of our restaurant and you see schedules easy here.


Includes: 3 junior courses in Adventure Park and activities of Funland.


Junior courses

Includes: Funland activities.


Includes: junior courses in Adventure Park and activities of Funland. Season pass loaded on keycard (6€).


Funland activities

All Funland's activities are included on Funland day ticket and junior ticket!

Bouncy course

Nowadays Funland has one bouncy castle - or better said bouncy course. From this mighty course is found different obstacles and a slide. At this moment at course one may go by oneself or compete with a friend and see who is the quickest!

Funland bouncy castle

Bouncy castle

NEW! Funland has one big bouncy castle. In this castle you can jump along with friends!

Pedal cars

Pedal cars are in Funland! On air filled track may also race the family's smallest, and for bigger kids are made own track outside the air filled track. Pedal cars are in eclosed space alueella and are suitable for 3-year old and older.

Funland pedal cars

Electric cars

There are two electric cars that children can drive themselves. A remote control is also available, allowing parents to guide car while while the child is on car. The car can fit 1-2 children. Weight should be at maximum 35kg.


With bungeetrampoline you may experience highest and wildest jumps. In trampoline is jumped in harness, which guarantees safe jumps. Surcharged, needs also area ticket. Weight limit is about 60 kg.

Hupimaa bungeetrampoliini

Electric diggers

These electric diggers are guarenteed fun for all kids and like minded. Digger is fed with a token which you can get from Funland staff, and after that digger can be moved and with scoop one may dig sand box.

Hupimaa kaivuri

Hedgehog's nature trail

Stay tuned - more info coming soon!

Junior courses

Along with Funland activities for family's smallest we have also Junior courses in side of Forestpark. In Junior courses kids are grown to be real adventurers, when fun obstacles and rope slides make sure good time for them. Cources are just about one meter high and along course parents have easy access to walk with children helping them in hard parts. Junior courses age recommendation is from 3-year to older, height limit min. 90cm and max. 140cm.

Junior courses requires Junion ticket (15€), that includes also Funland area ticket.