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Disc Golf season in Laajavuori is underway!

Laajavuori 18-track and Vuorilampi 9-track
* When you come to play, remember to pay course fee.
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Course fees
* Players need to pay course fee on both courses any time.
* You can pay course fee at our online shop, by Mobilepay or at Laajis café when open.
* Course fee is valid for the day of the purchase. More on course fees.

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frisbeegolf laajis laajavuori jyväskylä
frisbeegolf laajis laajavuori jyväskylä

Disc golf in Laajis

Disc golf is fast-growing, easy-going sport where you combine coordination and roaming in nature. Disc golf is fun for family and friends and you can start easy with less equipment and smaller budget than traditional golf – the course fees are low and starter discs can be bought affordably. It's also possible to rent discs at Laajis. You're welcome to join with groups, family or friends for fun summer days on our disc golf courses.

More info on disc golf courses, events and disc sports altogether in Jyväskylä can be found on Jyväskylän Liitokiekkoilijat webpages.


Under 6 years old children play free
accompanied by a paying adult.
Disc golf season pass is loaded to a Keycard (6€).


Purchase online

Rented out at Laajis cafe, deposit 20€.

4€ / disc

Rent online

Both tracks, Laajavuori 18-track and Vuorilampi 9-track.

6€ / person

Pay online

Day fee for Vuorilampi 9-track course only

3€ / person

Pay online

Family ticket for Vuorilampi 9-track course,
for members of one household.


Pay online

Course fee

* The day fee on both Laajavuori course (18-basket) and Vuorilampi course is 6€ / day (including both courses). Only Vuorilampi course is 3€ / person.
* Players must pay the course fee before entering the track.
* The course fee is valid for the day of purchase.
* Fee can be paid in Laajis café or on our Rentle online shop
* Also Mobilepay is available as course fee payment method, click correct button below. You can find MobilePay QR-code by the Laajavuori track first course as well. MobilePay is in Finnish, but when you scan the QR-code, it will give details automatically.
* You can still buy season passes at Laajis Skiperformance webshop.
* Season pass is loaded to a Skidata Keycard that can be bought for 6€.

Ticket check and penalty fee

Laajis staff members have the right to check tickets. Every player must make sure that they have the right ticket for the disc course. If you don't have a ticket you must pay a penalty fee on top of the disc golf fee. The penalty fee is 50€.

frisbeegolf laajis laajavuori jyväskylä

Laajavuori 18-track pro course

Laajavuori 18-track pro course, great for advanced and competitive players, goes around on the slopes of Laajavuori and on the fields in race center. There are lot of height differences on the course and it takes about 3h to play it. Course length is 2008m and it's par 58. Tracks vary in length from 49m to 183m. Pre course begins right in front of the main building at Laajis. THERE IS A COURSE FEE TO PLAY.

Vuorilampi course

Vuorilampi 9-track course is great for beginners and smaller players of the family, but will offer challenges for more advanced players too. There's not that much height differences on this course and the whole course is situated in forest between Laajis and Vuorilampi. The course begins at the competition field. THERE IS A COURSE FEE TO PLAY.

Course maps and result cards

You can print a course map and result cards here.

* Course map Laajavuori & Vuorilampi 2020 (PDF)
* Laajavuori course and result card 2020 (PDF)
* Vuorilampi course and result card 2020 (PDF)

Disc rental

You can also rent discs within opening hours of Laajis café. Disc rental is 4€ / disc and there is a deposit of 20€.

Disc golf shop

You're welcome at our Disc Golf Shop!

We have several manufacturers on our inventory:
* Innova
* Discmania
* Millenium
* Prodiscus
* Prodigy

You can get a discount with JyLi membership card.
Afterwards you can enjoy ice creams or cold drinks on our huge and sunny terrace.

frisbeegolf laajis laajavuori jyväskylä
frisbeegolf laajis laajavuori jyväskylä

Lost and found

Laajis doesn't store lost and found discs. We recommend returning the found discs straight to owner (usually discs have some owner info and phone number to send an SMS to note about the disc).


Would you like some guidance or organize an activity for your company or group?

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frisbeegolf laajis laajavuori jyväskylä