Disc Golf Courses

18-basket Laajavuori course starts in front of Laajis main building. 8-basket Vuorilampi course goes around in the flatter terrain around Vuorilampi and suits better for beginners.

Laajavuori course

A1 classified, 18-basket, fit for advanced amateurs and competition players. The Pro course goes around on the slopes and fields around Laajavuori ski resort. There´s lots of height differences on the course and it will take ca 3 hours to play the full course. Full lenght of the course is 2035m and it´s par 59. Fairway lenghts are 49-221m.

Exceptions to opening hours / Laajavuoren rata
* Tuesday evenings 5.30pm-8pm Course is being used for competition.
* Other exceptions: Please check our opening hours

Vuorilampi course

New 8-basket amateur course is fit for beginners and younger players, but will be challenging also for more advanced players. Height differences are small in this course and the course goes around in the nearby forests of Laajis and Vuorilampi.

Exceptions to opening hours / Vuorilampi course
* Follow updates on course information board!