Are you interested in downhill biking? We have great news for you: now you can rent DH-bikes from Laajis!

We have DH-bikes that are Saracen Myst -bikes which comes in 3 different sizes: S, M and L. These full-blown DH-bikes are great for Bikepark riding.

In addition to bikes, there are also high quality Fox protective gears and helmets. Gears can also be rented separately.

We recommend that you book the bike in advance:
* email:
* phone: +358 207 436 437 (rental) or +358 400 114 157 (office, workdays at 9-16)

The customer needs to fill in RENTAL AGREEMENT before the rental.

bikepark alamäkipyöräily laajis laajavuori jyväskylä
bikepark alamäkipyöräily laajis laajavuori jyväskylä

Rental terms

You'll need to leave some valid identification at Laajis for the duration of rental. Bike should be returned in the shape it was received. The customer takes full responsibility of the bike for the time of rental until it's returned to Laajis. The customer is responsible for any and all damages to the bike or other equipment and for missing parts or equipment. The deductible for insurance is 600€.

The customer is also responsible for themself and any damages they cause. The customer should act carefully with the bike. The customer must follow the Finnish traffic regulations. The customer rents and rides the bike at their own risk and should take care of having a valid insurance.

Laajis Bikepark

Laajis Bikepark offers versatile tracks for downhill cycling, enduro and for XC-cycling also. On slopes, there are many tracks for different skill levels from calm racing to harder rumble. Ski lifts are useable on season, giving drivers lift on 100m, up to the top of Laajavuori. If your bike is little bit lighter and you want also cycle your way up, from Laajis, you can find anything from challenging root filled paths to blasting through flat roads in nature.

The Bikepark team takes care of the trails and their condition. At present Bikepark has dozens of different levels of trails. Drivers move on their own responsibility on routes. For summer season 2019, there are also new trails that are more suitable for beginners.

bikepark alamäkipyöräily laajis laajavuori jyväskylä