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Updates to Bikepark opening hours
13.-16.8. lifts open: Thu-Fri 15-19 and Sat-Sun 11-17
17.-30.8. lifts open: Thu-Fri 16-20 and Sat-Sun 11-17 (we believe this is more suitable for most riders on weekdays)

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Bikepark development

Laajis Bikepark is developed with a new angle for the summer 2020. New trails for beginners and juniors are being built. Along with the trails, our rental system is improved, especially to cover the needs of downhill biking. Bike management and hostel services are developed to be more biker-friendly. For example, an all day service bike storage with surveillance cameras is being built to the facilities. Signage on the trails will also be improved. In the summer of 2020, Laajis opens a biking school that offers teaching and guidance especially to downhill biking and the program will also include weekly introductory-laps in the trails of the area. The project will run through summer taking feedback and making improvements to reach our goals to have a great all-round bikepark on the Laajavuori slopes.

Update 22.6.2020
So far we have finished two Junnuparkki (beginner area) green trails and longer green line at the lower half of the front slope Eturi. We are now continuing the work with a blue line built in the Auris slope.
Customers at Laajis have possibility to use camera-surveilled bike storage. Also new rental systems are working: you can easily make rental booking at our online rental shop and we have broader inventory of bikes and equipment to rent out.

New – Junnuparkki

We have finished building a new trail area for juniors and beginners around the carpet lift area. There are two easy trails in the area and some skills features (more to be built soon). There's also a cabin and tundra grill in the area to have snack breaks or grilling sausages. We have also added couple kids' sized full-suspension bikes and equipment in our rental inventory. DH scooters are good fit for the easy trails as well. We will open a bikepark school at Laajis at the end of June, where our trained guides can give riding tips for beginners. Bikepark riding can be a hobby for whole family so come try it out and be pleasantly surprised!

Laajis Bikepark

Laajis Bikepark on the slopes of Laajavuori offers varied trails for DH, enduro and XC riding. There are loads of trails of various difficulty on the hill slopes from easy cruising to tougher rumbling. Lift takes the riders up over 100m to the hilltop of Laajavuori.

Laajis Bikepark is available every day during summer season with few weather condition exceptions (thunder storms etc.) In Laajavuori you get to enjoy riding all summer. Check our up-to-date opening hours.

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DH and enduro bike rental

Try out bikepark riding easily: rent DH or enduro bike and equipment, go ride and enjoy!

We have DH bikes and enduro bikes in our rental inventory - DH bikes are intended for even the roughest trails and enduro bikes are lighter and can be used on most trails and are easier to pedal uphill too. DH bikes in our inventory are Saracen Myst AL (in sizes S, M, L) and the enduro bikes are Whyte G-170 S (in sizes S, M, L, XL). For protective gear we have Fox helmets, knee and elbow guards, guard jackets, goggles and gloves.

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The trails are maintained by our Bikepark team. At the moment we have around a dozen different level trails. The riders are always moving on the trails on their own responsibility.

This summer season there will be new, easier trails prepared on the slopes. More on the work during the season on our social media channels. So far we've finished three trails (two in Junnuparkki and one in Eturi) and are in process of building the longest new trail in Auris. The project is estimated to finish in late July.

E-fatbike rental

Now you can also rent e-fatbikes in Laajis: we have KTM Macina Freeze and Silverback S-Electro e-fatbikes on our rental shop. These bikes are fun to ride on terrain and flat and are great for all not depending on condition level (not suitable for DH trails though). Bosch or Bafang electrical motors assist and you can enjoy your easy riding up the hills.

Rent includes helmet, lock and some route suggestions in Jyväskylä area. You're given instructions on bike use as well. Bikes are for rent during winter too, one suggested trail is our winter biking route. We have e-fatbikes for rent at the moment from size S to XL (size S fits for most over 150cm tall).

Bike rental is easy on our online rental shop. You can also make a reservation in other ways:
* email:
* p. +358 400 114 157 (office, weekdays 9-16) or p. +358 207 436 437 (rental shop)

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DH scooters

On the easier Bikepark trails it's possible to ride our rental DH scooters. You can book the DH scooters at our online rental shop to make sure availability or just drop in within Bikepark opening hours to rent and ride.

Easy to visit

It's easy to visit Laajavuori by public transport or by car. We have plenty of parking space around.
Address: Laajavuorentie 15, 40740 Jyväskylä

If you arrive from further distance you should consider booking accommodation at our hostel or caravan site and ride all weekend. There are also other activities like Adventure park, disc golfing, having a sauna or a sunny terrace to spend your time.


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