Bikepark guidelines

1. Check your equipment. Always use a helmet. Other protective gear (elbow and knee pads) are recommended.
2. Choose your route and ride at speed according to your skill level and the conditions. Check the route and obstacles before riding faster. Use the B-lines/detours when needed.
3. Leave enough space when overtaking other riders and passing people. The rider coming from higher and from behind is obligated to yield always.
4. Stay on the course, don't make any changes to the course and don't make shortcuts.
5. Always stop in places where you can easily be spotted. If you return back always climb outside the course.
6. Pay attention to yourself and others!
7. Riding on the coursea under the influence is forbidden.
8. You are always riding at your own responsibility.
9. Everybody is obligated to help in case of emergency. Notify the personnel as soon as possible when accident has happened.
10. ALways follow the signage and guidance from personnel. Staff is allowed to seize the lift pass from person who is not following the park regulations and guidelines.