Bike rental terms


I (the Customer) have rented a bike / an e-scooter (Bike) from Laajis Oy (Lesser) and approve these rental terms.

  1. Payment, security deposits and rental time

The rental is paid at location when the rental is starting or in advance. If requested, a valid ID card needs to left as a security deposit or deposit payment needs to be paid. Deposit is returned when the bike is returned after rental time and bike has no damages. Bike needs to be returned latest when the rental time is over. If the customer wishes to continue rental, it needs to be agreed with Laajis before the end of rental time. The price is based on length of rental or price earlier agreed upon, that is provided for the customer. If the customer returns the bikes late or bikes aren’t returned at all, Laajis is eligible to charge additional rent until bikes are returned or found.

  1. Bike rental

Bikes need to be returned in condition they were received for rental. Customer is fully responsible for the bikes during the rental time until the bikes have been returned to Laajis. Customer is not allowed to give the bike to another person’s possession or to transport it outside Finland.

  1. Damages and responsibility

Suomen Hiihtokeskusyhdistys r.y. (the Finnish Ski Area Association) and the Consumer Ombudsman have agreed upon the following Terms of Delivery regarding Rental Services. The renter is liable to pay compensation for lost or damaged rental equipment, the amount of compensation being the current value of the lost equipment or of the damage caused, unless the renter can establish that they have taken adequate care of the rental equipment. The customer needs to instantly inform Laajis if the bike is lost or damaged. The customer is responsible for himself/herself or damages he/she causes to others. The customer needs to take care of the bike and act carefully and safely. The customer needs to follow traffic regulations. The customer will ride the bike on his/her own responsibility and will need take care of own valid insurance. If the bike is lost or in case of theft, the customer is liable to compensate the purchase price of similar bike to Laajis.

  1. Cost waiver

Cost waiver is an insurance policy that covers damage to the bike if you fall over and the bike or its parts break. Cost waiver does not replace the loss or theft of rented bike. Without cost waiver, customer needs to compensate any damaged parts as well as the maintenance work on the bike. If you have paid for cost waiver, Laajis is responsible for both parts and repair costs.

Service prices (approximations)

  • Frame ca. 1000€
  • Front shock absorber ca. 600€
  • Rear shock absorber ca. 300€
  • Brake levers ca. 50€
  • Rear derailleur ca. 200€
  • Cranks ca. 100€
  • Pedals ca. 50€
  • Seat ca. 100€
  • Seat post ca. 250€
  • Battery for E-bikes ca. 350€
  • Electric motor ca. 500€