Vuorilampi is nearby Laajis and Laajavuori services only 500 meters from Laajis. Vuorilampi beach is a lovely place for swimming to cool down on a hot summer day after disc golf, adventure park or cycling. There is also a place for water jumps and a smoke sauna.

There is no barbeque place in Vuorilampi. It is possible to barbeque in Laajavuori areas lean-tos.

Vuorilampi swimming beach is located in the east side of the pond. Please notice that the beach next to the smoke sauna is reserved for private events. There is no parking area by the pond but cars can be parked in Laajis parking lot. Remember to use a parking disc!

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Vuorilampi smoke sauna

In Vuorilampi there is a spacious smoke sauna savusauna near the centre of Jyväskylä.

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