efatbike pyörävuokraus laajis laajavuori jyväskylä

Winter biking

Cycling is fun during winter too! There are plenty of possibilities in Jyväskylä and Laajavuori for different sort of biking: cycling in the wide winter biking track, challenging narrow winter paths or in speedy downhill tracks. If you don’t have a suitable bike for the activity you can rent a popular e-fatbike in Laajis. Enjoy the winter biking!


Bike rental

You can rent an electric e-fatbike in Laajis and try cycling in the winter! Laajis has KTM Macina Freeze e-fatbikes that are perfect for snowy paths. Cycling in the ski tracks is not allowed but the new biking trail offers a pleasant ride for a couple of hours.

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efatbike talvipyöräily laajis laajavuori jyväskylä

Winter biking route

The route for 2019-2020 season is open. Here you can find a printable PDF-file of the route map.

The route this year is longer than it has been before and it takes you further to the back terrain of Laajavuori where you can find more interesting winter trails. The is to be traveled clockwise in order to avoid dangerous situations (the trail is relatively narrow). It also goes along side with the cross country ski trail and sometimes the two cross. The ski trail is off limits the bikes and skiers have the right of way in the crossings. Dome slope cafe is along the route and it is a great place to have a break on the way. Other great places to have a break at along the way are the lean-to’s of the backslope and Niemelä. It is not recommended to go on the trail with tires smaller than 4″, because the trail is too soft for the slimmer off-road tires.

For safety reasons, the biking route is forbidden from the skiers.

Along the route

It is easy to go on the official winter biking route of Laajis: from the rental shop you can rent an e-fatbike, slope restaurant serves a nice cup of taking off coffee and there is plenty of parking space for your car. The beginning of the route heads south to the very top of the hill, where you can have a break at the Dome-slope cafe. Dome offers both cold and hot beverages, small snacks and it is open during the weekends.

From the top the route continues to the back of the Laajavuori’s terrain and close to the lean to’s of Niemelä and the backslope, so you can cook your own lunch with a campfire. The route ends back at Laajis and after a good exercise a good dinner is in place, and that is when the Urban Kitchen is right there for you. The slope restaurant offers home made food on the weekends.