Adventure Courses

Fun and effective exercise in a fun way for the whole family! Read more here.



Lots of fun for the little ones! Read more about Funland and schedules here.



From casual easy riding to challenging speedy trails! Read more here


Downhill Scooters

Scooters offer a change from bikes in the park! Guidance is offered on how to use the scooters. Read more here.


Disc Golf

An activity for everyone while being with the nature! Read more here.


Nature Trail

Get familiar with the wide-ranging nature of Laajavuori! Along the trail there are 18 checkpoints and there is a lean-to at the bottom of the back slope where you can cook your own lunch! Read more here.


Downhill Biking Guidance

Tips and guidance to Downhill Biking. Read more here.

Disc Golf Guidance

Activities for businesses or guidance to Disc Golf form a professional! Read more here.

Summer Theatre

700 seats in a covered area to spend summer evenings! Read more here.

Downhill Skiing

Great for both skilled and beginners! Read more here.



Effective exercise either on your own or on a guided safari! Read more here.


Winter Biking

A winter scenery ride! The trail is marked and if needed you can rent a bike in Laajis! Read more here.



Snowboarding from the basics to more advanced skills! Read more here.


e-Fatbike rent

On your own or with a guide! Read more here.

Cross-Country Skiing

Ski in the nature of Laajavuori! Rental equipment offered in Laajis! Read more here about the trails.


Snowland Lean-to

Take a break from skiing or just come to get warm! Cook your own lunch and if needed you can buy sausages from our restaurant! The lean-to cafe serves on specific days. Read more here.



Snowland is a great place to start skiing or to polish your skills! The slopes are not steep, the slalom course offers more challenge when needed and the lifts are easy to use! Read more here.


Ski School

You will get great guidance on for both downhill skiing and snowboarding in our Ski School! Read more here.


Sledding hill

The sledding hill that you can find in the Snowland is suitable for all ages! You don't have to bring your own sled, because there are sleds in Snowland that are there to be used. Read more here.


Neljä erilaista Snowparkia tarjoavat eri tasoisia haasteita niitä etsiville! For different snowparks offer different levels of challenges! Read more here.



Fun and easy to use Sled Dogs Snowskates! Read more here.


Smoke Sauna

Authentic smoke sauna along with a tub! Read more here.

Companies and Groups

We offer various spaces and menus for different kinds of occasions!

Kipinä Studio

The studio offers guidance and tips to working out in a gym! Read more here.


Urban Kitchen

The restaurant offers multiple choices of food and drinks! Read more here.


Laajis Hostel

Right next to the slopes and trails is a place for accommodation! Read more here.

Laajis Caravan

A caravan area with a fantastic location! Read more Here


Birthdays at Laajis! Lots of activities that vary seasonally. Read more here.


Dome Slope Cafe

On top of the front slope you can find our Dome slope cafe that serves throughout the year! Read more here.

Trips to Wilderness

Trips to wilderness throughout the year! Walking, biking or snowshoeing! Read more here

Gift Cards

A moving gift! Read more here.


Refreshment Days

Take off from everyday life! Read more here!