Each adventurer safety is our top priority.

Laajavuori Adventure Park is a rope park built by the construction of a specialized company that has made more than 100 cable parks around the world. The park varmistuslaitteeksi we have chosen the Swiss jatkuvavarmisteisen Safe Roller system.
Safe Roller meets the highest safety standards and the climbers are lines while constantly been confirmed. In order to ensure the safe use and operation of every adventurer instructed in the use of the security system and the park Exercise lines before moving on to the actual adventure track. It is also important that the Adventurers get to know in advance the park guidelines and rules.

Laajavuori adventure park safety

* Adventure meets EN15567-1 and EN15567-2 standard requirements. These are Europe-wide strictest criteria rope park activities.
* The park has been inspected and approved on behalf of an external, independent, experts akreditoidun promoter.
* The park structures and trees are checked by external experts every year.
* Personal safety equipment and harness checked after each use.
* The park paths and structures will be reviewed on a daily basis, and they are serviced regularly.
* The park guides by senior rope activity instructors and rescue professionals, who have experience and high cable rescue to act.

Read the instructions and common rules of the game here