Adventurers should observe the following common rules, as well as the instructions given by instructors.

Adventure park instructions


* Children under 13 years may go to the adventure park only when accompanied by parent or guardian.
* Children under 18 years need the permission of the parent for the registration agreement.
* Take care that children do not go under the tracks, which are less than 2 meters above the ground.
* A parent must be in the park, and monitor the children in such a way that they comply with the safety instructions and user rules.

User rules

* Remove before the adventure rings, jewelry, watch, etc. so they don't get caught in the structures of the park.
* Follow the adventure park instructors and staff instructions.
* Walking in the forest is only allowed on marked trails and wooden bridges.
* For lines must not go until after training on safety guidance lines.
* Visit the tracks from easiest difficulty to more difficult.
* You should give way for faster adventurers, but also give time for the people on front of you.
* If you have to remove the harness during the adventure (eg. A visit to the toilet), have it checked harnesses ALWAYS by the instructors before going back to the course.
* Intoxicated persons are not allowed in the adventure park.
* Smoking or making a bonfire is not allowed on the adventure park area.
* It is allowed to watch the adventure on the area for free, but you will have to pay for an adventure.
* It is not allowed to give the equipment to another person.
* Safety equipment should take good care of it. Breakage of equipment, either willfully or through instructions due to non-compliance can result in payment of damages.
* Using your safety equipment is prohibited

Track weight, height and age limits and other restrictions and recommendations

* Maximum weight for the tracks is 120kg
* For junior courses minimum length of 90cm and a maximum length of 140cm
* Greens tracks (in the woods Discovery and Family), the minimum length of 110cm (recommended)
* For other adventure tracks minimum length of 140cm
* Wood tracks must be a maximum of 3 people at a time.
* On the cable slide shall be only one person at a time. Wait before your own slide that the
adventurer leaves cable slide entirely to the next level.
* In other activity point must contain a maximum of 2 persons at a time.

Other considerations

* It is also recommended taking gloves with you, but you bought them also on site.
* Especially with the smallest adventurers should visit the restroom before the adventure.
* The routes pass through trees and under canopy, so the clothes may stick to the rope park resin and dirt. It's recommended to leave better clothes at home.
* The entire park area is smoke-free and alcohol free.
* For safety, entering closed track is strictly prohibited. The tracks may be under maintenance, and sometimes it cannot be seen.
* Climbing is not recommended if you are pregnant.

We reserve the right to change the rules of the park adventure. The updated rules are featured ticket sales point.

Book your adventure in advance

We recommend booking in advance especially adventurous weekends. Reservations and inquiries should be done well in advance.

+358 207 436 437

Print the agreement

Before your access to Adventure park you must sign an
AGREEMENT on a common adventure.
We recommend you to print out and complete the agreement in advance to expedite service.