What is Adventure park?

3 hours of breathtaking climbing challenges and thrilling rope slides.

Rise high to the treetops like a monkey and set free your inner adventurer. Prepare to test your Tarzan-skills and let you sweat flow when you challenge yourself with obstacles requiring balance, bravery and strength. Come with your friends, family, partner or colleagues to make a lasting memory of an adventure. Our Adventure park guides are there for you and they will help you challenge yourself further than you had ever expected - jump in on an adventure!

Laajavuori Adventure park is one of the largest in Nordic countries. There is climbing and zipline slides on tree tops and high poles for almost 2,5 kilometers. There are easy and beginner-friendly courses near the ground but also more demanding ones up to 20 meters high off the ground.


season 2019

For over 140cm tall adventurers. Includes access to all courses except junior courses.


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For 110-140cm tall adventurers. Includes access to junior courses and for two easier courses designed for families.


more info on junior courses

For 90-140cm tall adventurers. Includes access to two junior courses designed for kids and to Laajis Funland.


more info on junior courses

Season pass to Adventurepark for presale price.
Up for grabs until 2.6.


See also bundle price (59€)
when bought with winter season pass

Season pass to Adventurepark.
Adventures all summer!


Price lists

All the Funland activities from June onwards
and Adventurepark Junior courses


More info on Funland

Adventure courses

We offer adventure courses for all family members: smallest kids can have fun on two Junior courses, slightly taller ones can also get to two green courses in forestpark and all over 140cm tall can climb on all courses except the Junior course which have max adventurer height of 140cm.
In other words: 90-110cm tall adventurers should get the Junior ticket, 110-140cm tall have most fun with Kids' ticket and over 140cm tall should of course get Adventure ticket.

Description Height requirement Required ticket Amount
Training courses min 110cm Adventure/Kids' ticket 3
Junior courses min 90cm, max 140cm Junior/Kids' ticket 2
Forestpark easy courses min 110cm Adventure/Kids' ticket 2
Polepark easy courses min 140cm Adventure ticket 3
Intermediate courses min 140cm Adventure ticket 3
Difficult courses min 140cm Adventure ticket 1
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Visit Funland with Junior ticket!

There's plenty of activities at the Adventurepark for even the smaller family members! In addition out renewed Funland offers interesting activities to enjoy before, during and after the adventure. The Junior courses offer great challenges for smaller kids to be real adventurers. Funland's bouncy castle, pedal cars, downhill scooters and other nice activities guarantee nice and active day.

Junior ticket offers access to Junior courses and Funland. Parents/adults won't need ticket to this area as activities are only for kids. In addition, meals and snacks at Urban Kitchen's are just a corner away: Ice cream is available as well as juice boxes.

Who are suitable for the adventure?

* No age limit
* Max. weight limit 120kg
* An adult on the course area is required for under 13-year-olds, but the adult doesn't necessarily have to climb the courses. For under 10-year-olds, a caretaker has to climb along on the courses (except Junior courses).
* 13-17-year-olds may climb on their own but will need parent's agreement: FILL HERE

Good to know before the adventure

* Remember gloves. Bring your own or buy at Laajis. Thin working gloves are usually good.
* Leave your Sunday gear home. There is resin on the trees and clothes may get dirty.
* Good shoes. Flat-bottomed shoes work best. Sandals and open shoes aren't suitable for climbing.
* You aren't allowed to wear a backbag when on the courses.
* You can store valuables in our lockable lockers for a small fee
* You can also make a reservation beforehand.
* Own drinking bottles are allowed.
* You aren't allowed to take bottle on the courses, but they can stay on start platforms while on the course.
* It's possible to buy a drink ticket (3,00€). With the ticket you can collect a cold drink on the forestpark start platform.
* Last start to courses / closing times are 0-40min depending on lengths and skill level of courses.

Prebooking and groups

It is possible to make reservations at the Adventurepark. It is also possible to visit outside regular opening hours when you have a group of at least 10 persons and make a reservation beforehand.

Adventure agreement

Fill our adventure agreement before and you save time at the start. Filling the online contract is easy and quick, and it can be done from home with your own device.

Easy to access

It's easy to get to Laajavuori by your own car or with public transit.
Adventurepark rental and start point is in Laajis main building.
There's plenty of free parking at the area.

Katuosoite: Laajavuorentie 15, 40740 Jyväskylä

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