Cross-country skiing and Lean-tos

Trail situation

On trail info page for Jyväskylä area, you'll find information about the situation of the trails, like when they were last groomed.
(Most up-to-date information can be found on Laajis home page)
There are also guidelines for trail users (in Finnish).

Only 4 km from the center of Jyväskylä, Laajavuori forests hide a 64km network of groomed cross country skiing tracks. 15km of the tracks are floodlit so you can enjoy cross country skiing in the winter evenings too. Varied tracks offer something for everyone: from the professional skier to the beginner willing to have a go. The track network is also connected to other areas surrounding Jyväskylä, so you'll be able to have long weekend explorations further.

We have 2 lean-tos with fire places along the tracks, offering a nice place to have a rest and to enjoy a picnic in the peace and quiet of the forest. We are continuously working on track network and signposts to make the trips more enjoyable.

Trail map

Lean-to Cafe Kalteva Kaktus

For winter time Ideaosuuskunta Aito is keeping a cafe at the backslope lean-to. You can also ski there by going around the Vuorenlenkki. Opening times etc. can be found in Ideaosuuskunta Aito FB-page.