Winter Disc Golf

Disc golf is a year-around sport and you can play it in Laajavuori also throughout the winter!

Tips for winter disc golf

* To see better your disc you can put ribbon on the disc
* From Disc Golf Shop you can buy leds to attach on the disc
* Look carefully where the disc lands
* Remember safety, especially close with skiing tracks
* You are responsible the disc you throw

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Course fee

Laajavuori’s winter disc golf course’s price is 3€ / day. You can pay it at Laajis café.

Disc Golf Shop

You can find Disc Golf Shop in Gasthaus Laajis.

Following manufacturers are in our selection:
* Innova
* Discmania
* Prodigy
* Westside
* Latitude
* Dynamic Disc

If you have JyLi membership card, club prices apply.

Course map:

Be careful, don't throw discs on ski tracks.

Click for bigger version