Equipment storage


No more carrying ski equipment to slopes and back

Why transport your skis or board back and forth from home to slope? We rent out storage space and lockable closets for ski equipment. At Laajis you'll find various sizes of lockers in warm space where you can store other ski equipment with skis or board. Also some storage space for skis and board in cold space and separate boot lockers.


SEASON 2017-18

Small locker (for boots etc.) 25€
Small cabinet 70€
Big cabinet 90€
Cassetteslot (cold space) 35€

Lockers and cabinets are in warm storage space and cassetteslots for boards and skis in cold storage space.

A rental agreement is made between Laajis and the customer (adult) to rent a locker or cabinet. The yearly rental season ends 30.4. Lockers must be emptied by the end of the season if the agreement is not prolonged. Reserved cabinets and cabinets with equipment in will be billed automatically at the beginning of the agreement season.

We also have lockers for short storage at the ski rental. A deposit (10€ or ID card) is changed to get the lock. Deposit is returned after the rental period.


Small locker, 1 day 6€
Cassetteslot for skis, 1 day 12€

Leaving in and collecting the equipment

Collecting or leaving in your equipment before the ski resort is open can be done within Gasthaus Laajis opening hours in connection with paying the rental fee.

We also service equipment with professional equipment and skill.


* Ski rental: 0207 436 437 or Gasthaus: 0207 436 436
* by email: