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Nr Slope

Length/Elevation Status More info
1 Eturi 610m / 105m closed Laajis Snowpark
2 Auris 870m / 105m closed Junnuparkki
3 Pateri 530m / 45m closed
4 Veturi 80m / 10m closed Laajis Snowland
5 Pikkuri 90m / 5m closed Laajis Snowland
6 Pulkkari 60m / 10m closed Laajis Snowland
7 Kilparinne 200m / 60m closed, for club practice moguls, only for club practice
8 Länkkäri (West) 530m / 80m closed
9 Takarinne (Back) 440m / 80m closed
10 Killeri 550m / 80m closed natural snow slope
11 Koukkari I 690m / 80m closed natural snow slope
12 Koukkari II 700m / 80m closed natural snow slope
13 NEW SLOPE: Wild West 600m / 80m closed, on natural snow Wild West snowpark


Nr Lift

Type Status
1 Ankkuri I anchor closed
2 Ankkuri II anchor closed
3 Rope lift rope closed
4 Jaffa lift margic carpet closed
5 Takari lift anchor closed
6 Kilpari lift anchor closed
7 Snow carousel carousel closed


Activity Info Status
A Wild West Snowpark Setup at Wild West slope closed
B Laajis Snowpark Setup at Eturi slope closed
C FIS moguls moguls, at Kilparinne slope closed, only for club trainings
D Junnuparkki Minisnowpark Setup at Auris slope closed
E Laajis Snowland Info closed
F Ski School Courses and entries open for entries
G XC-skiing tracks & Lean-tos Cross-country track info maintained during season
H Early season ski track Info open
I IceCross track Track at Auris slope closed, season over

Ski resort in the city!

Altogether you'll find 12 slopes (and a sledding hill), 6 lifts and 4 snowparks for all different levels at Laajis. The slopes are diverse from beginner-level to black diamond moguls slope. For season 2017-18 many of the slope profiles have been further shaped. At the back slopes you'll find the popular wooden Wild West Snowpark.

Eturi, the front slope, has been reshaped for the season and here you'll find features for alpine and freestyle skiing as well as for snowboarders.

Laajis Snowland is a 3-slope combination fitting for beginners and smaller family members.

On the western hillside behind Laajavuori, are Takarinne (Back), Länkkäri (West) and Wild West, but also 3 natural snow slopes, Koukkari I & II and Killeri, that cross through the old spruce forest. Koukkari II is the longest at 700m and Killeri being the steepest, both experiences to enjoy.

There is also an ice cross track in Auris (world's longest!) and figure skating area in Laajis.

Slope map


Color-codes of slopes

Slopes are rated with different colors based by level of difficulty:

Green Learning / Beginner
Blue Easy
Red Intermediate
Black Expert