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Laajis has high-quality Ski Service and good ski storage facilities. Skis and boards are serviced with Wintersteiger machines just beside your home slope or tracks. The professional Ski Service will work for you whether you’re on cross-country or alpine skis, on a snowboard or ski jumping skis. We can guarantee your satisfaction on the result, whether it’s for the Olympics or just around Laajavuori.

When your equipment is in good condition, it’ll be more enjoyable and safe to hit the slopes or ski trail. The Ski Service relies on Swix and Optiwax waxes and products.

Ski Service Prices 2017-18

Service* Price
Cross country 40€
Alpine 45€
Wide alpine** 50€
Snowboards 50€

* Includes base cleaning, stone grinding, waxing, brushing, polishing and edge sharpening for alpine
** Ski jumping skis, powder skis etc.
NB! Maximum width for stone grinding is 135mm for skis and 350mm for snowboards. We're not able to stone grind splitboards.

Primer and waxing* Price
Cross country 30€
Alpine 30€
Wide alpine** 35€
Snowboards 35€

* Includes cleaning, primer and waxing, brushing and polishing
** Ski jumping skis, powder skis etc.

Waxing* Price
Cross country, kickwax 10€
Cross country, glide 15€
Alpine 20€
Wide alpine** 25€
Snowboards 25€

* Includes waxing on clean equipment
NB! Cleaning price is added to the service if the equipment needs cleaning before service.
** Ski jumping skis, powder skis etc.

Other services Price
Cleaning* from 10€
Cross country ski base grinding (on clean ski base) 20€
Ski jumping ski base grinding (on clean ski base, without bindings) 30€
Race waxing (added price to basic service price) from 20€
Filling base scrapes from 5€
Nanogrip/Optigrip ski service (includes cleaning and treatment fluid) 20€
Mohair and skin ski service (includes cleaning and waxing with Optiwax glide tape) 30€

* Cleaning especially dirty skis will be billed separately
NB! Cleaning price is added to the service if the equipment needs cleaning before service.

Equipment storage at Laajis

If you don't fancy carrying your skis or board back and forth from home to slopes, we can offer you various warm space storage facilities to store your equipment or cassette storages to store your equipment in cold and optimal place.

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Opening hours

You can bring your equipment for service at Gasthaus Laajis within opening hours (check up-to-date hours at frontpage)

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