Gasthaus Laajis (Accommodation)

Welcome to stay over night by the slopes! Gasthaus Laajis has 29 rooms with 78 beds. We offer clean and excellent value for money accommodation. Gasthaus Laajis is an excellent option to stay in Jyväskylä whether you’re on vacation, business trip or just passing by. In addition to being right at the nature’s doorstep with a wide range of outdoor activities and relaxation right by your fingertips, the buzzing life of a vibrant town center is not far either. Only 4km away – easily reached with the local bus (no. 25). The bus stop is right by Gasthaus Laajis.

* Only 4km from the town center
* Open all year round (closed only between 23. – 26.12.)
* 29 rooms (one en suite), 78 beds

What Gasthaus Laajis offers:

* Sauna, bed linen and breakfast are included in the price
* Common room with fire place, self-service kitchen, laundry facilities
* Bathrooms at the corridors
* No pets allowed

PLEASE NOTE! All accommodation includes, breakfast, bed linen and sauna.