When you arrive within Gasthaus opening hours,
sign in at the reception in Gasthaus Laajis.

Outside the opening hours
If you arrive any other time, please reserve a keycard to the area by contacting the reception:
+358 207 436 436

Arriving without a pre-booking, you can call the security services (+358 207 363 201) and they will come to let you in.
Service fee 30€.

An urban caravan site just off the Jyväskylä city centre

The caravan site lies beside Gasthaus Laajis and Laajavuori ski resort. At the caravan site you'll find high-quality trailer sites with own electric sockets and up-to-date and cozy sauna facilities.

The services of the Jyväskylä city centre are just 4 km away, with good connections to with public transport or by bike.

Welcome to enjoy your stay!

Why choose Laajavuori Caravan site?

* Friendly and joyful personnel
* Entrance to site 24/7
* The restaurant services of Gasthaus Laajis
* The terrains around Laajavuori and nature trails
* Vicinity of Jyväskylä city centre
* Good means of transportation
* Nearby Rantasipi Laajavuori spa, benefits for caravan site customers
* Plenty of choices for activities
* Great sauna and shower facilities
* Clean double kitchen and dining room
* Possibility for laundry room use at the hostel


Kitchen and laundry room

At the caravan site service building there is a clean double kitchen and dining room. Facilities are wheelchair accessible.
In addition there's possibility to use laundry room at the hostel.


Two saunas at the caravan site service building, one for men and one for women.
Open Wed, Fri and Sat 19.00-21.00.
On other days, possibility for sauna at t2he hostel.

At nearby Vuorilampi there's a smoke sauna that can be reserved for use.

Ask for more info at the reception.

Restaurants and breakfast

Just beside the caravan site there's Gasthaus Laajis restaurant.
Breakfast is served at the Gasthaus for the price of 5€.
Also at the Gasthaus, you'll find Burger Laajis serving hamburger meals.
At the restaurant there's snacks and other treats, and especially for the warm summer days, ice cream.

Activities in the area

You have versatile possibilities for activities and passing time in the area.

Summer activities:
* Adventure park
* Bikepark
* DH-scooters
* Discgolf courses
* Vuorilampi beach and lake
* Rantasipi Laajavuori Spa
* Laajavuori forests and nature trail

Winter activities
* Ski resort
* Ice cross
* Kids' area and toboggan slope
* Snowparks
* Snowshoeing
* Skating area

Kipinä Personal Training studio and gym also for working out at the Laajis main building.

Ask for more with the reservation!


Caravan site reception is at the Gasthaus Laajis. Arriving outside the opening hours is to be informed beforehand to acquire the keycard.
Up-to-date Gasthaus opening hours at the front page.


Booking and inquiries

+358 207 436 436
Laajavuorentie 15
40740 Jyväskylä

You'll find clean and comfortable kitchen and shower facilities at the caravan site service building.

Caravan service facilities

Caravan kitchen

Caravan kitchen

Caravan ruokailutila

Caravan sauna